'Bones' Videos: Take a Look at Scenes from 'The Male in the Mail'
'Bones' Videos: Take a Look at Scenes from 'The Male in the Mail'
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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In the upcoming Bones episode, "The Male in the Mail," the team has to figure out who exactly dismembered a body and then boxed it up for shipping. This is in addition to personal issues for Booth, brought up by the return of his grandfather. You can get an early peek at this episode with the three video clips posted in this article.

WARNING: These clips are very spoiler-filled. Do not under any circumstances watch them if you don't want to know a major plot point or two from "The Male in the Mail."

Are Booth and Brennan going to move to Costa Rica? Check out the first video for the answer to that question:

Or maybe they'll just live in a home confiscated by the federal government. Why not? Angela and Hodgins did move into a murder house, after all.

Also, the video shows the arrival of Booth's grandfather, bringing the news of Booth's father's death. We've never met the elder Booth, and now it looks like we never will. Booth takes the news with a lot of stoicism -- not a surprise, considering that dear old dad was an abusive alcoholic.

You've got to love the near-horror of Brennan's and Grandpa's reactions to Booth's non-reaction. There's no way this is over yet.

The second video gives us a pleasant (meaning gory and disgusting) glimpse of the crime scene.

  • What would be the shipping rate on body parts? It would probably be pretty expensive -- postage is typically determined by weight. Much easier, although possibly just as gross, to just dump the body in a dumpster or something.
  • We should also probably be happy that there is not a special room to which dismembered bodies are sent. 
  • How does one properly package body parts? How could you tell the difference between an excellent and a poor job? Leakage?
  • With Booth acting all weird about his father's death, it's no wonder that Brennan doesn't have a clue about how to react. Who would?

The final video finds Hodgins and Clark the Squintern having fun with their theories.

  • Of course Hodgins knows exactly where to find a guillotine.
  • Would you need a lot of bubble wrap for a guillotine? They seem pretty sturdy.
  • Why did no one think "paper cutter" before jumping straight to "guillotine?" This may be what happens when people are too smart...

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"The Male in the Male" will air on Thursday, December 1 at 9pm.

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