Bones: The Scoop on Zach Addy
Bones: The Scoop on Zach Addy
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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The return of Zach Addy is one of the things fans look forward to on the 100th episode of Bones, which takes viewers back in time six years. A fan favorite since the beginning of the series, his career progress has fanned out throughout seasons, starting out as Brennan's brilliant young assistant before receiving his doctorate degree and becoming a professional forensic anthropologist. But things changed when it was revealed that he was working as the apprentice of Gormogon, the cannibalistic serial killer who brought terror upon the Jeffersonian gang for an entire season. The question is: Is there still room for Zach Addy to return other than in flashbacks? And will his present-day storyline ever be resolved?

"There's a hanging chad there," creator Hart Hanson tells Zap2it. "A good show -- which Bones tries to be, what with hitting 100 episodes and everything -- would not leave hanging chads. There's any number of ways Zack could pop in and out."

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If Bones fans would recall, when Zack later revealed to Sweets that he never actually killed anyone. But a lot of time has passed since then and Sweets is still the only one who knows this. Here's hoping that Zach Addy's will have his named cleared in the near future.

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For now, fans can take comfort in knowing that Bones is bringing back same old Zach Addy, at least for one episode. The 100th, entitled "The Parts in the Sum of the Whole" will feature the first encounter between Zack and Booth, a key event in the interpersonal skills of both characters, according to the FOX press release.

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"This was before we were helping the FBI solve cases," says Eric Millegan in an interview with the network. "I have never met Booth. I just work with Brennan at the Jeffersonian. I haven't met Angela. Zach hasn't met Hodgins. It's really cool because we get to explore what happened before the pilot episode and it allowed them to bring back Zach prior to becoming Gormogon's assistant. So I get to play Zach  without that baggage, at least for now. If I ever come back we have to deal with that."

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