'Bones' Finale Teaser: 13 Things to Watch out for in the 'Bones' Series Finale
'Bones' Finale Teaser: 13 Things to Watch out for in the 'Bones' Series Finale
Catherine Cabanela
Catherine Cabanela
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Bones. Bones. Bones. The time has come to say goodbye. But before we do, we still have the mighty finale of finales delivered to us and 13 million of our closest friends by directors Ian Toynton ("The Final Chapter: The Day in the Life") and David Boreanaz (The Final Chapter: The End in the End.") In preparation for the two-part event, FOX gave the press a little preview screening so we could tease you. 

Now, if you are cautiously curious like me, you don't want to be spoiled, but you enjoy a little harmless flirtation. That is what I have to offer you, fellow Boneheads. Sometimes it's the chase that makes the chase-catch interim bearable. In that vein, I offer you my final 13 cryptic teases for Bones' last original episodes.

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#13 Expect to Be Surprised
Why should the finale be any different than the previous 244 episodes? The first couple of scene changes will subliminally -- or maybe overtly -- cause you to make a terrifying assumption. That is all I will say. 

#12 Christine Is in Rare Form
Christine plays a big part in "The Final Chapter: A Day In The Life" and you will just want to eat her up, she's so awesome. Makes you forget she never made it to the last wedding (on screen, anyway.)

#11 The Hot Shot - Hot Wheel Entomologist/Mineralogist/Botanist Gets His Just Desserts
We are led to believe otherwise throughout both parts of the finale, but in the final ten minutes of the series, Hodgins' lifelong dream comes true. 

#10 Predictability Is Not Just a Lovely Little 14-Letter Word
I made a prediction in my last recap. No one will be surprised and I was right on the money. Not because of how awesomely psychic I am, but because it is simply right that this prediction come to fruition.

#9 A Secondary Storyline Finally Comes Full Circle
These last two episodes circle back to a prevalent storyline this season and give it closure. How you receive that closure is up to you. I was okay with it, but then again, I have always been ambivalent on this topic. My most avid readers know what I'm talking about. Hint: A decade makes no difference. 

#8 Sometimes Vision Has to Be Experienced with Both the Eyes and Ears
The first plot point chosen as the vehicle for reminiscence might have sounded disastrous on paper but is genius in execution. 

#7 Boothy Boreanaz Always Leaves Us Satisfied
The second instance served up for the same purpose is so purely Booth, the character, and Boreanaz in direction, that ... well ... let's just leave it at that.

#6 Camille Saroyan Is a Vision in Tulle and Gold
Cam's wedding dress is, hands down, the most breathtaking dress in the history of wedding dresses. 

Here comes the bridegroom.jpg
#5 Great Soundbites Abound
"Squints of the world, unite!"

#4 Bones Uses Every Single Opportunity to Its Greatest Advantage
In the aftermath of the well-publicized catastrophe, not a stone is left unturned.

#3 Bones Successfully Delivers a Genuine and Satisfying Post-Mortem
Not an ounce of cheese or camp was harmed in the making of this finale finality.

#2 Brennan Experiences the Unexpected
Brennan is put in a position to broaden her understanding of who she is to Booth outside the lab.

#1 The Truth Comes Out
The answer to the equations 25/5=X. X/2 = Y. Y(178.8) = the subtext of the Bones series most gratifying miracle.  

All of this being said, don't try to speculate. Just sit back and enjoy the ride, people. Do you think you can do that? How many times will you watch the finale episodes before going back to start at the beginning of the season and start all over? How soon before your next Season 1-12 binge will begin? My marathon is scheduled for April 15th right after the taxes get sent in. See you in the cyber world where we will discuss all the finale happenings after the fact.

Bones' two-part finale airs with "The Final Chapter: The Day in the Life" and "The Final Chapter: The End in the End" on consecutive Tuesdays, March 21 and 28 at 9/8c on FOX. Want more news? Like our Bones Facebook page.

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