'Bones' Spoilers: Brennan's Near-Death Experience Brings a Very Special Reunion
'Bones' Spoilers: Brennan's Near-Death Experience Brings a Very Special Reunion
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
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Bones season 8 is sadly still on winter hiatus for another couple weeks, but while we wait for the show to come back, let's have a look at a very interesting spoiler about an upcoming February episode. 

A Very Special Reunion

Brennan had some rough teenage years, we all know that. Both of her parents disappeared when she was 15 and, until a few years ago, she thought they were probably both dead. As it turns out, her dad is still alive and well, but sadly her mother was murdered. 

So how is it that Brennan is going to be reunited with her mother again? TV Line reports that it will happen in a very special way, according to executive producer Steven Nathan.

 "Brennan is working on a case that someone does not want her to solve. And in their attempt to prevent her from doing that, she gets shot and has a near-death experience where she meets her mother again," says Nathan. 

"The further evolution of Brennan's character."

But what about Brennan's strong belief in the fact that there is no after-life? "This is the further evolution of Brennan's character," explains Nathan. "She is somebody who has been so literal, so rational and so reasonable; she wants everything to be explained. And now she is having an experience that is inexplicable, so she has to admit that there are things that are not explainable. As much as she tries to discount it and dismiss it, it changes her and makes her a bit more open to the world."

Nathan also says Brennan's heavenly run-in with her mom will give viewers insight into "what she was like as a kid, before she became the Brennan that we know. She picks up the relationship with her mother where it left off."

The episode, called "A Shot in the Dark," is set to air in late January or early February. The reason Brennan will be having near-death visions is that she will be having surgery after suffering from a gunshot wound. That sounds like a pretty awful way to meet one's mother. 

What do you think of Brennan getting the chance to talk to her mother again? Do you think that she'll write the whole thing off as a drug-induced fantasy as soon as she wakes up or will she maybe hold on to the experience as a moment to be treasured? 

Bones airs on Monday nights at 8pm on FOX. 

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