'Bones' Season 8 Spoilers: Relationship Tension, Exotic Pets and Christopher Pelant
'Bones' Season 8 Spoilers: Relationship Tension, Exotic Pets and Christopher Pelant
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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Bones is back!

Now that the show has returned with new episodes for season 8, we need to start looking to the future. What's up with Christopher Pelant? Was Flynn picking up that flower important? Has Booth really forgiven Brennan? We have Bones spoilers to help answer all of these questions.

WARNING: If you don't like Bones season 8 spoilers, don't read this. End of story.

Are Booth and Brennan OK?

No matter how many times Brennan asked Booth if he were mad, he refused to admit it. But there are certainly still issues between the two. Booth and Brennan may have had a bit of a we're-together-again honeymoon in the season 8 premiere, but that will be over before the next episode.

Ominously titled "The Partners in the Divorce," this episode will find tension growing between the partners. "You've never seen them like this," executive producer Stephen Nathan told TVLine. "There's tension we haven't seen before. Bones creator and executive producer Hart Hanson confirmed this, "It will scare people. They'll be taken aback."

Hopefully all tension will resolve -- positively -- soon.

What Happened to Pelant?

The end of the Bones season 8 premiere gave us the mother of all twists: Christopher Pelant digitally changed his identity and escaped by assuming the persona of Bassam Alfayat, an Egyptian. What happened there?

Hart Hanson explained at least a part of it to EW.com: "There is no digital record of Pelant left and, much more importantly, there is a very complete digital record, including finger prints and DNA, for Bassam Alfayat," Hanson explained.  "The name 'Christopher Pelant' does not exist in the digital world -- he exists on paper alone."

Of course this doesn't mean that Pelant will cease to exist in the world of Bones. On the contrary, the twist makes it very possible for the serial killer to return whenever he wants. And that will be bad.

Flynn and the Marigold

The Pelant twist in the Bones season 8 premiere was followed immediately by what might have been another half-twist. After Christopher Pelant left with the Egyptian officials, Brennan tossed his gift of a marigold into a trash can.

And then Special Agent Hayes Flynn (guest star Reed Diamond) picked it up. Why would he do that? Will Flynn continue to pursue Pelant? Does the agent still suspect Brennan of a crime? Could Flynn be working with Pelant?

The answer may be some time in coming. Although Hart Hanson confirmed to EW.com that Reed Diamond would return later this season, he would neither confirm nor deny that the marigold moment had sinister meaning. "It seems as though that might possibly be possible," Hanson said.

That doesn't help much.

Lions and Tigers and Bones!

A future episode of Bones will focus on the issue of importing endangered species into the US as pets. TVLine reports that the story will focus on a character named Eric Neibling (played by Army Wives star Brian McNamara). Neibling's public face is as a celebrity animal expert. But his secret business involves a horrifying trade in exotic animals.

When one of his employees gets murdered, everything starts to come out. But is Neibling a murderer in addition to being an awful human being?

The next episode of Bones, "The Partners in the Divorce," airs on Monday, September 24 at 8pm on FOX.

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