'Bones' Season 8 Premiere Spoiler Videos: Five Sneak Peeks at 'The Future in the Past'
'Bones' Season 8 Premiere Spoiler Videos: Five Sneak Peeks at 'The Future in the Past'
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
We are within a week of the Bones season 8 premiere, "The Future in the Past." But why wait? You can watch five sneak-peek videos from the episode right now. Check them out here!

WARNING: By watching these Bones videos, you agree to not get mad about the Bones season 8 spoilers contained within them. Thank you.

The first video gives us a look at (blonde!) Brennan and Christine during their life on the run. It seems surprisingly idyllic.

Awwww... Christine can say "Dada!" now. Stop being so adorable, Bones! But of course, the fugitives must move along. Where will they go next?

The next video, alas, does not give us the answer. Instead, we get a look at just how unsuited for desk work Booth is.

  • Is it just me, or does Booth look like he is going to explode (literally, not figuratively) if he has to spend much longer at that desk?
  • So Pelant recorded himself on the security tapes for Booth to see and then erased himself before anyone else could look? That is both clever and disturbing.
  • I bet Booth doesn't bring back a sandwich. Instead, he will probably do something very stupid indeed.

Just what sort of stupid activity might Booth get up to on his lunch break? This next video gives us an answer.

However evil he is, you have to give Christopher Pelant credit for doing something worthwhile with his evil computer skills. Too bad about what he does the rest of the time (murder, framing innocent scientists, fraud, etc.).

Do you think Booth and Pelant have done the stalker thing before this or something?

Unfortunately for Booth and his stalking focus, other things are going on in the Bones world. Specifically, there is a new dead body. Not that Booth gets to investigate it directly, of course.

It's good that they establish so quickly that the bones are not those of Dr. Brennan. Still, you think somebody would question Angela a little bit more when she uses a random flower to insist that Brennan had been there.

The final video takes a look at the reunion between Booth and Brennan.

How exactly did Booth track down Brennan? Was this meeting planned by both? If so, what did both parties expect to find that would require a gun and violence?

But then there is a kiss! So who cares about the details?

We will get more details when the Bones season 8 premiere, "The Future in the Past," airs on Monday, September 17 at 8pm on FOX.

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