'Bones' Season 8 Mid-Season Premiere Preview: Dance Lessons and Mothman
'Bones' Season 8 Mid-Season Premiere Preview: Dance Lessons and Mothman
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Bones season 8 returns on Monday, January 14 with a special two-hour premiere consisting of two episodes called "The Diamond in The Rough" and "The Archeologist in the Cocoon." Check out the preview videos from both episodes and find out how Booth and Brennan get involved in a dance contest. 

In the first preview video for "The Diamond in the Rough" we find something I never, ever thought I would see on this show: a dead body that is, dare I say it, beautiful. Hodgins of course has a fancy name for all of the stones attached to their victim but I'm going to just go with "pretty stones" and leave it at that. 

In the second preview video, we find out that the victim in this case is connected to a dance competition. As Booth and Sweets discuss the case, a very interesting bit about Booth's past is revealed. Turns out our rough and tough FBI agent used to be a dance teacher. Not only that, we also learn that Booth's mom was a dancer and she was the one who taught him his moves. 

In the third preview video, Booth and Sweets are once again discussing the case. Sweets seems to think that it would be a good idea for Booth to go undercover in the dance competition, but Booth just wants to flash his badge. Of course Brennan is excited at the prospect of dancing and only then learns about Booth's past as a dance teacher. 

In the fourth preview video, we find Booth and Brennan dancing behind-the-scenes at the dance competition. While Booth is doing a great job, Brennan is having a bit more trouble with some of the moves, despite how well she thinks she is doing. It's an incredibly sweet and cute moment between them. 

In the first preview video for "The Archeologist in the Cocoon," Brennan is quite upset that Christine hasn't yet mastered the intricacies of "Peek-a-boo." Sweets comes in (I love that he's still living there) and tries to get the baby to play as well, but eventually they have to give up when Brennan and Booth are called on to a case. 

In the second preview video, Brennan and Hodgins are in the field along with Booth and Cam to take a look at their latest victim. Hodgins immediately dubs it Mothman, but eventually (and reluctantly) has to admit that it does indeed look man-like. Aw, poor Hodgins, we do know how much he loves a good urban legend. 

In the final preview video, we find that there is a fair bit of contention happening between Edison and Brennan. She is not pleased that he wants to work without her help and I have to wonder if there might be more to it than just wanting to use her skills. Is Brennan getting more into the case than normal?

What do you think after watching all of the preview videos from tonight's Bones two-hour mid-season premiere? Which episode are you looking forward to the most, the one with the dancing or the one with the Mothman?

Bones airs on Monday nights at 8pm on FOX. 

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