'Bones' Season 7 Videos: Brennan Learns How to Play with Toys
'Bones' Season 7 Videos: Brennan Learns How to Play with Toys
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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Come on -- it's not a shock that Dr. Temperance Brennan wasn't really in to toys as a child. Unless you count chemistry sets and taxidermied dogs, we can just assume that Brennan didn't have many playthings and probably never saw the point. But how toy-deprived was her childhood? A few videos from this week's Bones episode, "The Prince in Plastic" give us a clue.

The first video finds Brennan and Booth at a toy company associated with a gruesome murder. From the video, it kind of sounds like it was a star toy designer found dead. That's sad. Also sad? The number of bear-mauling fatalities each year in North America. Click play for further clarification of that last statement:

The bouncing bears actually sound pretty fun. Granted, I like things that bounce and have associations with animals that would, in reality, rip me to small, Jeffersonian-friendly pieces. On the other hand, any toy made at a company run by Morgan Fairchild seems a little scary.

The second video just reinforces the notion that Brennan has a lot to learn when it comes to playthings. Angela may also have a lot to learn when it comes to giving Brennan pointers on normal life stuff.

How many of you were expecting some sort of zombie reference when you saw that doll? That would have been cool. Not that "If I had a functioning respiratory system, my lungs would be filled with liquefied human tissue. Hohohohoho..." isn't a valid substitute for zombie jokes.

That baby is going to have a very, very interesting childhood.

Where will that childhood occur? That's part of the theme of the final video. It seems that Sweets wants a gun (for more on that, check out this video), and Booth is opposed to the idea. To counter Booth's opposition, Sweets brings up the Booth-Brennan housing situation again:

Of course Booth wants a man-cave. Could Sweets really prevent that? It's probably bad to underestimate the power of a therapist. Especially if that therapist has a gun.

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"The Prince in Plastic" will air on Thursday, November 17 at 9pm.

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