'Bones' Season 7 Video: A New Promo and a Baby Birthplace
'Bones' Season 7 Video: A New Promo and a Baby Birthplace
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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We've got some good Bones scoop this time: in addition to news about where exactly Brennan and Booth's baby will be born, we have a brand-new promo video for season 7. So keep reading if you want to learn what is to come on Bones season 7.

WARNING: This article has a whole bunch of spoilers in it. You don't want to read this if you hate knowing what's going to come from Bones. But why wouldn't you want to know?!

A Promo for Season 7 of Bones
Thanks to an incredibly quick YouTube user, we have a new, spoiler-rich promo video for Bones season 7. The video, which popped up unexpectedly on the user's OnDemand cable, was posted by KingOfTheSong206 on October 1.

If there is a more legitimate-seeming promo available, we'll be sure to post that. Until then, check it out:

There are an awful lot of interesting parts to this video. Where to begin...

  • Did you have any doubt that there would be Booth-Brennan cohabitation? The first scene in the season 7 promo should put such doubts firmly to rest.
  • The crime-scene video is pretty much what has been released officially by FOX. Click here for more of that scene.
  • Hormones are an excellent excuse. For anything.
  • Most men don't get to use murder as a way out of awkward pregnancy comments.
  • Booth sure loves his camera phone. I'm guessing Brennan does not like it quite as much.

But the biggest bonus from this promo has to be that Brennan and Booth are still totally cute and utterly ridiculous. It should be a good season.

She's Having the Baby Where?
While we will be seeing the pregnant Brennan in a few short weeks (Bones season 7 premieres on Thursday, November 3), the baby may take a little longer. He or she is unlikely to arrive before the spring.

But what an arrival it will be!

According to a report from TVGuide.com, Brennan will go into labor during an episode set to air in April of 2012. The labor itself, however, isn't the most interesting part of the story. Where Brennan will have her baby is even weirder:

The baby will announce its arrival in prison.

Before you worry that Bones will take a bizarre and criminal turn for season 7, rest assured, it's all part of business-as-usual. Bones executive producer Stephen Nathan says, "Brennan is going to be in prison when she goes into labor. Booth and Brennan are investigating a prison escape when they get locked in."

That actually sounds pretty normal for Bones. Except for the childbirth part.

There's no word as of yet as to whether or not the baby will be born inside the prison. But this is TV -- a desperate dash to a hospital and a delivery by Daddy Booth are equally possible.

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Are you looking forward to Bones season 7? Will Brennan and Booth be as much fun together as they were apart? Where will the baby be born? Share your thoughts and theories below!

(Image and video courtesy of FOX)