'Bones' Season 7 Finale: 7 Burning Questions from 'The Past in the Present'
'Bones' Season 7 Finale: 7 Burning Questions from 'The Past in the Present'
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Season finales are all about surprises, and Bones season 7 gave us a big one. As is always the case with great finales, Bones also gave us a number of questions demanding answers. Here are 7 of the biggest.

WARNING: This article assumes you have seen the Bones season 7 finale. If you have not, read on only if you want Bones spoilers.

Brennan has disappeared. Pelant remains free and dedicated to framing Brennan for murder. All of the biggest Bones questions stem from these facts.

1. How long until Booth and Brennan reunite?

Possibly the biggest question raised by Brennan's abrupt departure at the end of "The Past in the Present" is about timing. When, in terms of Bones season 8, will Booth and Brennan get back together?

The way I see it, Bones could answer this in one of three ways:

1. Brennan is not exonerated quickly, and we spend a few episodes with Brennan on the run.
2. Brennan is exonerated during the time covered by the summer hiatus, and we see her back at home when season 8 begins.
3. Brennan is exonerated quickly at the beginning of Bones season 8 and returns home by the end of the first episode.

In terms of Bones plotting, this last option seems the best for the show. But who knows what will happen after a twist like that?

2. Will we see Brennan and Christine on the road?

Unless Brennan comes home before the Bones season 8 premiere, we will hopefully get a look at Brennan and Christine's life on the run. Brennan tends to be a memorable person. And she'll be with a baby. Max might try to teach Brennan about staying hidden, but this could still be a very amusing storyline.

3. Will the FBI arrest Brennan when she returns?

Will Brennan still be in trouble in season 8? Even if the FBI clears Brennan for the Pelant murders, fleeing during an investigation seems like a big no-no. Obviously Booth wouldn't do anything like report Brennan for kidnapping, but the FBI might still be angry.

4. Will Brennan be able to return to her job?

Whether laws were broken or not, Brennan's abrupt flight may put her job at the Jeffersonian in danger. That job may have already been in some jeopardy, thanks to the Pelant case. Cam would certainly take her back, but other people might have a say in Jeffersonian employment.

Of course, Brennan would not remain fired forever. Bones would never take our icky remains away from us like that!

5. What does this mean for Booth and Brennan?

Brennan might avoid legal problems resulting from her escape. She could get her job back. But what about Booth? How will he feel about the whole thing?

Obviously, he won't be happy. That's a given. But how unhappy are we talking here?

It's possible that Booth will just be happy to have his girls back. Maybe he will have some brief anger that he will overcome with relief. There could be a period of coolness and strain in the Booth-Brennan relationship -- a period that ends with the realization that it's no fun to be angry.

Or Booth could be mad enough to end it all -- temporarily or permanently -- with Brennan. That seems unlikely, considering the plot of Bones, but it's possible.

6. What was Pelant doing in Booth and Brennan's house?

Seeing as his actions did not appear to relate to anything else that happened in "The Past in the Present," what the heck was Pelant doing?

The serial killer seemed to be planting evidence of some sort -- that would explain switching out the clock radio. And he took a Polaroid. And grinned at the security camera in an evil way.

What could that all mean? Honestly, I have no idea. Sorry.

7. What about those extra Bones episodes?

FOX ordered four extra Bones episodes this spring. The episodes are meant to be generic Bones stories, not tied into the overarching themes of the entire season.

But now, with the abrupt departure of Brennan, how will these stories fit into Bones?

Airing the episodes during the summer would be weird, plot-wise -- how would they explain Brennan's magical reappearance? Alternatively, the episodes could fit into Bones season 8. That might work, although it will depend on what else Bones has planned.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see!

What were your biggest questions from the Bones season 7 finale? Did you expect that ending? What do you think will happen next? Leave your comments below!

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