'Bones' Season 6 Fan Favorites
'Bones' Season 6 Fan Favorites
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Bones fans have a lot to celebrate considering how the sixth season concluded but there's certainly more to season 6 than Brennan's unexpected baby news. From the best murder case to the funniest scene, we asked our Facebook followers to name their favorites so we could tally them up and declare the winners.

What's the most romantic moment of the season?

Casey Campbell: When Bones tells Booth she's pregnant and it's his and he gets a big smile.
Amy Fournier: I think when Angela and Hodgins say those sweet things to each other right before she has the baby.

Paulina Vr: I have two favorite moments. The first is in the episode "The Doctor in the Photo," when Brennan finally tells Booth how she felt about him and the second is in "The Blackout in the Blizzard," when she says "A time could come when you aren't angry anymore and I'm strong enough to risk losing the last of my imperviousness. Maybe then, we could try to be together."

This was a tough one since there were so many sweet moments to consider but in the end, it came down to Angela and Hodgins' sweet talk before going into labor.  And apparently, 32% agree with Bones fan Dana Dawson, who liked "The moment right before the baby was born, when Angela said Hodgins voice was like honey and hot tea ... and then the doctor said they would be great parents no matter what." 

What's your favorite Booth and Brennan moment of the season?

Susan Newman: I have to say [Brennan] giving [Booth] the Thai massage in "The Blackout" episode was priceless. His face when he was telling her to stop because Sweets might come back. This season was a very emotional one and the actors are great at showing it all. When they cry I cry.

Julie Miller Smiley: Burning the dates at the end of "The Blackout in the Blizzard."

The fan favorite moment, however, is "When Brennan tells Booth she is pregnant and he smiles." According to Ka-Lynn Melissa Betcher, this is the "best reaction you could ever get from a guy when he is the father." Not surprisngly, nearly 40% of Bones fans agree.

Who's the most supportive Jeffersonian colleague when it comes to Booth and Brennan's cases?

Angela easily won this debate by earning 56% of the votes but Hodgins came in at second place. Here's what Bones fan Bethany Thurner Charlwood had to say about the close fight: 

"Hodgins beats out Angela by a nose, I say. His particulates, bugs, etc. are a little more integral to the cases, though Angela's reconstructions and Angelatron scenarios are almost as necessary. Makes me think of Wendell trying to do physics in the season finale when he couldn't get the Angelatron to work. He succeeded without her [which the team couldn't without Hodgins' knowledge of his own field], but it WAS a lot harder than it would have been had Angela not been otherwise engaged."

Other Fan Favorites:

Best Murder Case of the Season:
  • "The Blackout in the Blizzard' - 37% (winner)
  • "The Doctor in the Photo" - 36%
  • "The Feet on the Beach" - 9%
  • "The Bullet in the Brain"- 9%
  • "The Babe in the Bar" - 9%

Funniest Moment of the Season:
  • Hodgins and Angela's scenes during labor in "The Change in the Game" - 90% (winner)
  • The dynamics of Booth, Brennan and Sweets in "The Shallow in the Deep" - 10%

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