'Bones' Season 10 Finale Conundrum: How Will Brennan and Booth Solve Crimes If They Leave?
'Bones' Season 10 Finale Conundrum: How Will Brennan and Booth Solve Crimes If They Leave?
Catherine Cabanela
Catherine Cabanela
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
As Booth's therapist Dr. Gordon Gordon Wyatt is famous for saying, "This is indeed a scrummy conundrum!" How will Bones survive without its two central characters? Can Bones go on without its stars? We already know that all of the main players are signed-up for season 11 ... or do we? Bones managed to swing the best kept premiere secret in television history with Sweets' surprise death, is it possible that they may be doing it again?

Before we get our panties in a twist, let's consider some of the options, for there are several. 

Are Brennan and Booth Really Leaving Bones?

Remember when The Closer, starring Kyra Sedgwick, morphed into Major Crimes,starring Mary McDonnell? Everything was the same except the main character who began solving crimes with the returning cast. Is that what's happening here? Major Crimes was a very successful transition, but I sincerely doubt Bones is trading its two leading characters for a medico legal lab powered by four squinterns and Agent Aubrey. The Bones Fairies know that Brennan and Booth are the heart of this show. All signs point to Brennan and Booth being back in full force, but I've been wrong before and Bones has a history of changing the game in drastic ways. So who knows? 

What Are the Options for Season 11?

There are several options for how season 11 could begin. We already know from Emily Deschanel and executive producer Stephen Nathan that Baby Booth #3 will not be born on screen. There have already been three on-screen births. Bones strives for the novel rather than the guaranteed prepackaged repeat. Nathan also assured us there will be a time jump between the season 10 finale and the season 11 premiere. So, we can't say we weren't warned. 

Option 1: Brennan and Booth 2.0

I know I said this probably won't happen, but you have to admit some seeds have been planted in this direction. Maybe Aubrey and Jessica are the new Brennan and Booth? They did joke around about this in "The Life in the Light," right? Jessica has been welcomed by the Jeffersonian crew and distinguished herself as different and interesting. Aubrey is Brennan and Booth trained. What if they are the center of the show, calling on Brennan and Booth when necessary? This would be a complete change, so don't put too much stock in it ... and don't kill the messenger ... I'm just presenting options.

Option 2: Brennan and Booth Could Simply Opt For Happiness and Security

Brennan and Booth never did say they were actually going to move out of their home. Other professional opportunities around the globe were discussed in "The Next in the Last," but so was just having a baby and being happy. So, maybe they will stay home and play on the floor with Christine and Baby Booth? Of course, they will get bored out of their minds, so perhaps that's how they end up solving crimes again. As long as they are together. 

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Option 3: They Could Phone It In

Perhaps the Booth family will pull up stakes and head for St. Louis or California or Germany or wherever. Maybe Brennan will teach, conduct research, or simply write books. Maybe Booth will do security work for some big investment firm or teach baby agents how to solve crimes. Inevitably they will hear from Angela, Hodgins, Cam and Aubrey who will need their assistance. Maybe Brennan and Booth will fly to D.C. to help out on occassion, or perhaps they will just assist from afar. As long as they are together. 

Option 4: They Could Open Their Own Shop

Brennan and Booth could open their own company and contract themselves out to the government and other entities to solve crimes. This idea has been tossed around the web and could be a viable option. As long as they are together.

Option 5: They Could Teach Their Skills to Others

Maybe after a short break Booth could go back to the FBI as the head of a new program training FBI agents to work with squints to solve crimes. Maybe the FBI could use a hundred duplicates of these two. This could keep Booth from being shot at and give him new challenges as well. We've already seen what a great mentor he has been with Sweets, Aubrey, and even way back with Special Agent Genevieve Shaw. This option could provide a plethora of comedic options.

Perhaps at the same time Brennan could continue training anthropologists how to think forensically and how to work in a team with FBI agents whose thinking process is so much different than their scientific mindsets. As long as Brennan and Booth are together.

Option 6: They Could Move Away, Then Return in the Premiere

Who doesn't recall the season 6 premiere, "The Mastodon in the Room" when, after nine months away, Brennan returned to from the Maluku Islands, Booth returned from Afghanistan, and Angela and Jack returned from Paris? They all picked up right where they left off ... professionally at least. That could happen here. 

Maybe they'll be gone for long enough to revive their justice lust and then they will be right back where they belong were before. Besides, who doesn't love kick-ass Booth? I'd love to see some more kick-ass Brennan, but that's a desire unlikely to be slaked given B and B's motivation for making the change. 

The problem with carrying on as they did before is that they will continue to get shot at. Bones is at its best when Brennan and Booth are on screen together, so a full season with one in the lab and one on the street won't work. Because they have to be together. (Is this getting old yet?)

Option 7: Bones Could Be a Derivative Of All Of the Above

Perhaps Bones will come up with a mixture of all of the above. Maybe they will try some of those options and then settle back down to where they were before. Maybe they will create something completely new that neither I not anyone else in the Bonehead world has considered. 

The only guarantee here is that Bones will do something surprising and spectacular, just as they have always done. That's part of the reason why Bones is so damn good and viewers love it so much. That's why we've followed Brennan and Booth through wars and serial killers and ghosts and snakes and births and deaths and separations and addictions. Believe me, the people at Bones know this. If they want to push it out of the envelope or the box or the paradigm, I'll be here to write about it. As long as they are together.

Bones returns in September on Thursdays at 8pm on FOX. 

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