'Bones' Recap: Sweets Takes the Lead on a Case
'Bones' Recap: Sweets Takes the Lead on a Case
Kim Stempel
Kim Stempel
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Brennan and Booth discovered that Stephanie McNamara, Trent's sister, was the actual Ghost Killer. Stephanie, in turn, was killed by the teacher who was framed for the first victim's murder. So is this the actual end of the Ghost Killer case? That remains to be seen.

This week's episode of Bones, "The Drama in the Queen," has the team investigating the death of a community college swim coach.

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Inside the Well

The show starts off with a woman telling her 6-year-old child to hide in a well while she calls the police so that she and her daughter can be on television. When the girl refuses to go, her mother demonstrates and finds -- you guessed it -- some human remains. The best part is when the girl unhooks the metal ladder and tosses it in the well with her mother.

Booth is in deep study mode because he is going to testify before a Congressional sub-committee. Sweets is ready to step in and take some of the weight off Booth's shoulders, but Brennan is reluctant about not working with her husband.

Pulling a "Brennan"

Brennan and Hodgins go down the well and determine that the victim is a male in his mid-40's. He also has coins attached to his skull. Sweets arrives, sporting his bright blue evidence booties, and he is determined to write up anyone also not wearing booties. That means you, Cam!

While the park is family-friendly during daylight hours, it is a party spot at night. Sweets busts out his knowledge and tells Cam they are looking at a body dump site. When Hodgins mentions that Sweets pulled a "Brennan" on Cam, Bones wants to know if it is a compliment. Hilarious!

Meet the New Squintern

Back at the lab, a new squintern, Jessica Warren, played by guest star Jessica Weaver, wastes no time in annoying Brennan and, especially, Sweets. He takes offense to her telling him to relax. Warren thinks the victim was an athlete, and Brennan agrees that he could be a swimmer.

Angela is able to identify the victim as Brian Thomas. Thomas was a swimming coach at Knox Community College, and his wife reported him missing.

Hazing on the Team

Sweets sits down with Mrs. Thomas. She admits that she and her husband hadn't seen much of each other lately. Sweets also briefs Booth on his discovery about hazing on the swim team. An anonymous source told a reporter that swim team member Avery Parrish made the members drink dangerous amounts of vinegar and milk until they vomited, leading to the hospitalization of two students. Sweets convinces the student reporter to give up a name, and it is a familiar one -- Brian Thomas.

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Love is a Battlefield

Sweets and Brennan head out to the college, and Sweets isn't shy about wanting Ms. Warren fired. Brennan is surprised that he doesn't appreciate Warren's expertise and intelligence. Methinks Sweets protests too much! I think he and Warren might have some chemistry.

Brennan and Sweets tell Parrish and another swimmer, Quentin, that their coach is dead. They seem genuinely upset and state that they loved Thomas, especially because they are looking at scholarships to four-year colleges. It turns out that Thomas was spending a lot of time with Coach Gabby Morrell.

She denies having an affair with Brian, but also mentions that he may have been having an affair with someone else. One night when he gave her a ride home, she found an earring in his car, and he smelled like perfume sometimes.

The Pineapple Potion

Hodgins is surprised that Warren's idea to use pineapples to remove the staining from the bones worked. Cam is even more surprised that Warren risked the remains on an untested theory. The good news is that Warren find tons of trauma on the bones and injuries that would have paralyzed the victim.

Brennan also chides Warren for missing some injuries on the foot that are often caused when a person trips over a plantar-flexed foot. It is most common in women who wear high heels.

A Secret Life

Sweets discovers that Thomas bought dinner out every Friday night at the same restaurant. Booth wants a study break and accompanies Brennan to the restaurant. No one remembers seeing Thomas, but Booth suggests they check at a motel, but Brennan has a better idea. She spots a club called Madame's Apple, and instantly knows what it means. She suspects that Thomas was a drag queen, and spots his photo on the wall.

Booth and Brennan talk to one of the employees, Destiny. Thomas performed as Jenny Childs, but only on Fridays. Destiny wants to give Booth a makeover, but he declines. Destiny says that Kimmy Moore was angry at Jenny for taking her spot, and she is also aggressive.

A Dinner Date

At the lab, Sweets goes to see Warren about apologizing for some of the remarks that he made earlier about her. Warren accepts his apology, and promptly tells him what time to pick her up that night for dinner. Sweets is shocked, and he mutters something about them being colleagues just as Cam comes in. Warren finds evidence that Thomas was in a fight two weeks prior to his death while in drag.

This information rockets Kimmy to the top of the suspect list. She shares that she saw Thomas come in from the parking lot between shows with blood on his hand.

Warren confirms to Angela that she has a thing for Sweets, and she isn't shy about wondering about what he is like in the bedroom. Naturally, Cam chooses that moment to pop back in. Maybe Cam should loosen up a bit, since she is dating a co-worker, after all.

A Wife's Sadness

Mrs. Thomas comes to see Sweets when she hears about her husband's drag queen persona. Sweets assumes that she wants to ask why her husband was a drag queen, but instead she wants to know why he didn't tell her. It is such a sad moment when she tells Sweets that she loved him and would have accepted him anyway. 

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Fight Night

Angela finds security footage of the fight in the parking lot outside of the club. She pulls the plate on the plumber's van, and it comes back to Joe Rizzo. Sweets talks to Rizzo, and they find the same type of plumbing pipe in Rizzo's van as was used to kill the victim. Rizzo was actually a fan of Jenny's, and he thought that the victim stole his credit card information from his cell phone. That is the reason that Rizzo confronted Jenny.

Hodgins and Warren whack at pretend torsos with Rizzo's pipes. Cam comes by and is not amused. Angela advises Sweets not to pass up Warren. She also discovers that someone at Madame's Apple was able to steal money from his account because the business has Wi-Fi.  Sweets pulls Destiny in to have a chat, and she admits to stealing money from patrons. She also admits that she changed when Thomas confronted her.

And the Killer Is...

Brennan discovers that Thomas was shot while he was in the pool at the college. The injuries would mimic blunt force trauma, and if he was paralyzed, he would have died from drowning. Sweets and Brennan confront Coach Gabby about whether or not she owns a gun.

Hodgins discovers the bullet in the pool filter, so the killer had to be in the pool. The shot, if fired underwater, would be deafening. Quentin, who exhibited ear problems earlier at the pool, is brought in by Brennan and Sweets. Thomas saw him copying someone else's mid-term. In a fit of anger, Quentin shoved him into the pool and shot at him underwater.

Booth and Brennan decide to have dinner, and Brennan asks if he was testing her to see how she would feel about another partner. Warren and Sweets hit the sheets and wreck his apartment.

I really liked this episode of Bones, although I thought it was a bit confusing. I love the new squintern, Warren, and I think that she and Sweets make a great duo.

Get ready next time for the big Bones finale, which airs next Monday at 8pm on FOX!

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