'Bones' Recap: Sweets Begins His New Life
'Bones' Recap: Sweets Begins His New Life
Kim Stempel
Kim Stempel
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Last week, Bones threw us a few curveballs. Cam had her identity stolen, and our favorite couple Booth and Brennan went undercover at a couples retreat. (Hello again, Roxie and Tony Scallion!) I love it when they go undercover!

Perhaps the biggest surprise was Sweets' decision to take a leave of absence from the FBI. It was partly because of his guilt over Pelant's latest murders, and partly because his profiling skills were generating more hits than misses. How will his absence affect the crew on Bones, and how long will Sweets be out of the field?

Serious Car Trouble

In this week's episode, "El Carnicero en el Coche," Sweets is back, baby!  Well, sort of. He helps out with the investigation when a gang member's remains are found in a burned out car. Actually, the car is more like a heap of ashes at this point. While examining the car, Brennan, Hodgins and Cam discuss the reasons Sweets has taken his leave. Also, both Hodgins and Brennan wreck the crime scene when parts of the vehicle crumble. Brennan also finds a cleaver in the car.

A Sweet New Life

Sweets is working at the Adams Community Center, and Booth drives by for a visit since Sweets hasn't been in contact for the past few weeks. Booth tells him that he shouldn't blame himself for the two guys that Pelant recently murdered. This shrink is no fan of being shrunk, and tells his friend that he is making a difference at the community center. Before he leaves, Booth secures Sweets' promise that he can call him for help while he is on leave.

"A" is for Alibi

Mr. Middlebury, the owner of the car, states that he was home asleep and didn't know that his car was stolen the night before. Booth shows the man a picture of himself at an ATM near where the car was found. Relax, people, Mr. Middlebury says that he isn't guilty of murder -- just of trying to buy cocaine for himself and his new female acquaintance. He also owns a gun, and Booth finds out that the girl didn't even wait for him.

King of the Lab

Hodgins has rigged up one of his best creations to date -- a harness type device that lowers him from the ceiling and into the frame of the car to retrieve the bones. Wendall is extremely impressed. Brennan discovers a crease on the C-1 vertebrae, which may be from the ax.  Hodgins also discovers earrings in the car.

Who Are You?

The victim is a Hispanic male who has a gash in his head, most likely from a bullet, not an ax.

 The victim is identified by Angela as Jaime Delcampo, a hit man for a gang called the Estrellas Locos, or "The Crazy Stars."  Delcampo's street name is El Carnicero, or "The Butcher."

Gangland Style

Booth once again finds Sweets to ask for his help since he is in the middle of Estrellas Locos territory. Sweets is not happy because he fears that the kids he is working with will find out that he is in law enforcement. Sweets agrees to help on one condition -- he is the one calling the shots. Way to go, Sweets!

It seems that "The Butcher" has a penchant for cutting off the head, hands and feet of his victims. The DC police have a source inside the gang, but they refuse to share their informant. Caroline lets Sweets and Booth know that the Estrellas Locos are in a feud with four other gangs. Sweets wants to talk to Delcampo's girlfriend, who is also a gang member. When Booth starts to explain why she will not talk with them, Sweets lays down the law.

Something About Maria

They head off to see Maria Alvarado, where Sweets busts out his Spanish and learns from Maria that his language skills need some work. Maria claims not to know Delcampo, and while she is speaking with police, Estrellas Locos gang members start to come out of the wood work. When Booth wants to take her to headquarters, Sweets refuses and tells Maria that they are concerned for her safety in a situation like this one.

When Booth hears a noise in the apartment, he pulls a gun when a young boy appears. Sweets recognizes the boy from the community center and states he is a smart kid. They make it out of the neighborhood, but barely.

There are five bodies tied to the gun that killed Delcampo. Booth knows that the weapon is a "library gun" that is loaned out to gang members. The only gang that did not have any victims shot by the gun is the 520 Mafia.

Run, Run Away

Booth tells Sweets that he ran away from the team and what Pelant did, and that he should talk to someone. Sweets finds this hilarious and denies running away. Their next stop? Talking with the head of the 520 Mafia, Curtis Martin. Martin isn't sorry to hear about Delcampo's death, but denies being involved.

While Sweet and Booth are talking to Martin, they are caught in the middle of a drive-by shooting. Booth saves Sweets, and Martin saves himself by grabbing an automatic weapon. Sweets cuffs Martin (love it!) while Booth checks out the car and finds two dead Estrellas Locos. Martin tells Caroline and Booth that he heard an Estrellas member has been talking to the police, and hints that maybe it was Delcampo.

Brennan and Booth discuss the shoot-out over lunch. Brennan is angry that Booth did not tell her about the shooting. They make a pact to tell each other first the next time one of them is target practice.

The Tale of the Gun

It turns out that the victim was shot once in the throat and once in the head, but there are no exit wounds. Brennan figures out that there was actually only one bullet, and that it was fired from in front of the victim.

Caroline, Booth, Brennan and Sweets discuss the case and theorize that Delcampo borrowed the "library" gun for a hit, and was killed when he was returning it. So the killer must be a member of the Estrellas Locos gang.

Their working dinner is interrupted when a seventh body is discovered. It is Adriana Garcia, or at least her head. It seems that the earrings that Hodgins found in the car also belonged to her. Garcia is the informant, and she was also sleeping with Delcampo.

And the Killer Is...

Maria is brought in again and Booth starts interrogating her. When Sweets decides to get the crime scene photos of Delcampo, he runs into Maria's son. Sweets thinks that the boy knows something he isn't saying. Sweets insists on talking with Javier and his mother alone. He tells Maria that Delcampo killed Adriana Garcia and took her earrings to give to Maria as a gift for cheating on her and beating her.

Javier finally reveals his secret -- he killed Delcampo to protect his mother and himself. Maria strikes her son for killing a member of her family, the Estrellas Locos. Javier agrees to turn over the gun but reveals that a woman named Anna worked with his mother regarding the "library" gun.

Javier uses his mother's cell phone to call Anna so the FBI can trace the call. Booth and the FBI apprehend Anna and find the guns and money.

The gang celebrates their victory and toast to Sweets and his return. He lets them know that he still has more leave, and wants to make a difference for kids like Javier. The gang is sad to see him go. I hate it when the Bones gang isn't all together!

Bones airs Mondays at 8pm on FOX.

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