'Bones' Recap: Framing Pelant for Murder
'Bones' Recap: Framing Pelant for Murder
Kim Stempel
Kim Stempel
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Last week, Bones featured Sweets helping out the gang, yet not ready to return from his leave of absence. Sweets is suffering from guilt because of Pelant's latest murders and struggling with how to make a difference with his life. Please come back, Sweets!

In this week's episode, "The Sense in the Sacrifice," the Bones crew lay a trap to catch the evil genius Pelant. Will Booth and Brennan finally be rid of Pelant for good? Or will he outsmart them yet again?

A Plan to Catch Pelant

Sweets meets with the team at the Jeffersonian as they examine the body of Donald Hestnes, who has willed his body to the institution. A grand plan to catch Pelant is underway, and Sweets explains that Pelant's personality will not allow him to let someone else steal the spotlight.  So the plan is to stage a copycat body and try to force Pelant out of hiding. Angela models a body dump after a painting portraying Prometheus, who was bound to a rock while an eagle pulled out his liver.

While Cam and Brennan work on preparing the body following Pelant's pattern, Angela creates a fake identity for the victim -- William Oakley. Hodgins even adds bugs to the body once all the skin has been removed.

Booth meets with FBI agent Hayes Flynn, who is going to dump the body at the Jackson Arboretum. Booth is not in love with this idea, but is willing to try anything to catch Pelant. Flynn, who is now behind a desk for the rest of his career, relishes the chance to bring him down.

Bait and Switch

While Booth and Brennan, who are lying in bed, wait to hear about the discovery of the body, Brennan suggests that they have sexy time to relieve their stress. Their enthusiasm is cut short when they receive a call from the FBI.

While examining the body, Hodgins finds a flower called a monks hood, which means that an enemy is nearby. Brennan is startled to discover that this body is not that of Mr. Hestnes, and Booth is horrified to realize that the body is Flynn.

Brennan confirms his suspicions back at the Jeffersonian. There are 32 passes on the sternum, which is one of Brennan's habits. Worse yet, Cam discovers clamps on the hepatic artery, which suggest that Pelant kept Flynn alive while he removed his liver. May I just say that is chilling and nauseating.

While the crew agonizes over their guilt that they caused Flynn's death, Cam states that she feels sorry for Pelant. Flynn saved Booth's life, and therefore Booth will never give up on catching him.

Friend or Foe?

Booth goes to visit his friend the bartender, and former priest, Aldo. Aldo thinks that maybe Flynn tipped off Pelant to the plan. Booth and Sweets go to Flynn's apartment to try and find a bug that would have tipped off the killer. Sweets apologizes to Booth because it was Sweets' plan that caused Flynn's death. Booth tells him it is not his fault. Sweets thinks that maybe Flynn is guilty of telling Pelant, but Booth refuses to entertain this theory.

Back at the lab, Brennan notes that Flynn's clavicle was surgically repaired after his bullet wound, and that a pin made out of bone was inserted, which is highly unusual and extremely expensive. Sweets analyzes Flynn's books and tells Booth that Flynn was obsessed with the topic of forgiveness.

Could Pelant have paid for Flynn's expensive surgery? In the fridge, the team finds a getaway stash of money and fake passports. Still, Booth will not accept that Flynn was dirty and thinks that Pelant framed Flynn.

Medical Breakthrough

Brennan and Booth meet with the doctor who performed Flynn's surgery. He tells them that the surgery was paid for by an anonymous donation to his research facility. The doctor says that he repaired 10 fractures, but Brennan found 11 remodeled fractures. She is convinced that Pelant paid the surgeon to save Flynn's life. Bones tells Booth that she believes him that Pelant is setting up Flynn, which results in a steamy kiss in the FBI.

It turns out that the damage to Flynn's left humerus is not a fracture, but an etching made by Pelant. The etching is identical to a wound found on a body that Brennan worked on years ago. She pulls out the victim's bones out to examine them. While she is alone, she hears a door close in the distance.

Who is There?

It is Pelant, who wants to have a chat. He places an explosive device on the table in front of Brennan and tells her that they are destined to die together ... someday. He then tells her that several unsolved cases are linked to a serial killer who used different methods and geographical locations.

Brennan is sure that she wouldn't have missed that, but Pelant tells her that he is smarter than her and her colleagues, and that he will solve the crime and that without him the female killer will continue murdering. That's a bit much, isn't it?

Pelant then leaves after telling Brennan not to move until the green beam of light directed at her from the bomb stops. Booth and security guards discover Brennan with the bomb. Booth thinks that it is fake, and he is right.

Swallowing the Evidence

Cam finds a piece of Flynn's tooth in his stomach, which means that Pelant may have missed his chance to sterilize it. Hodgins finds remnants of coal ash in the tooth. They discover an abandoned power plant in the area that Pelant is working from.

Brennan is concerned that Booth will kill Pelant, so she goes to see Aldo, the friendly neighborhood bar-keep. Bones fears that if Booth kills Pelant, they will be letting another killer go free. She asks Aldo for his opinion. He states that Booth values nothing higher than his soul, but he is willing to lose that to save Brennan. Meanwhile, she discovers that Pelant has switched the remains in the drawers that he directed her to.

Taking Booth's Place

Sweets hits upon the idea that Pelant is using his research on Brennan and Booth to try and seduce Brennan. Sweets tells Booth that the psychotic murderer is trying to replace him, and asks if Pelant has done anything to interfere with Booth and Brennan's relationship. Sweets tells Booth that she is safe until Pelant realizes that he will never have her.

Booth thinks that Flynn swallowed part of his tooth as a clue for the team. Is Booth walking into a trap? Or is Brennan, since she beats Booth to the power plant?
Final Confrontation

While Brennan enters the power plant, Booth arrives with his gun to take care of business.  When Pelant steps out of the shadows, Brennan pulls a gun. She orders him to surrender and is marching him out of the building when the sneaky evil-doer hits a switch that causes an explosion, which knocks Bones off her feet.

While Pelant is helping her to her feet, Booth sneaks up behind him. Of course, Pelant has one of those pesky explosive devices that he is so fond of in his hand. Brennan tells Booth it is a toy and to shoot him. No one has to ask Booth twice! Finally, Pelant is dead.

Booth tells Brennan that they need to make a deal that he will do all the dangerous stuff and she can stick to the laboratory work. He confesses to her that he wanted to kill Pelant because he kept him from marrying her. While the crew watches from a monitor, Booth tenderly proposes to Brennan, and she accepts.

Bones airs Mondays at 8pm on FOX.

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