'Bones' Recap: Could Aubrey's Father Be Stalking Him?
'Bones' Recap: Could Aubrey's Father Be Stalking Him?
Catherine Cabanela
Catherine Cabanela
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Bones' 11+ year tenure on prime time television strikes me as uber impressive in the face of ABC's announcement that Castle is to be no more after its eighth season. Some viewers have insisted that these two shows are a lot alike, but I have and always will disagree. You see, it takes more than good looks, an interesting premise, and decent writing to keep a show afloat these days. Bones fans know that it takes chemistry and ingenuity, a passion for the human experience and a commitment to doing its best with every outing. Bones has been blessed with all of that, plus a group of extraordinary people (every single one of them) whose synergistic energy creates magic every time.

"The Fight in the Fixer" delights with several laugh out loud moments. Back to entertain us are Sara Rue as criminal profiler Karen Delfs and Brian Klugman as an even more obnoxious Dr. Oliver Wells than before. In this episode, Aubrey discovers that his fugitive criminal father has been investigating him, while Brennan and Booth face the possibility that their genius Christine may have changed a grade on her report card.

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A Potomac Popsicle Interrupts A Review of Christine's Grades

"The Fight in the Fixer" opens adorably with Brennan and Booth marveling over Christine's "exemplary" report card. How could their progeny not be well above average, right? (I love scenes like this when they are elbow deep in parental issues.)

Then, of course, we have a body. This one was found in the river and he's frozen in a huge block of ice. You know what that means -- large equipment and experiments in the lab. Hodgins uses a huge double-tubed heating mechanism so forceful it almost rolls him backward off the platform. It's effective in melting the ice the corpse is encased in without burning the molting flesh. Hodgins and Wells' Medusa hair and wind-burned faces are hilarious. (I had to rewind and watch the reveal to Brennan again. And isn't it great to hear someone call Hodgins the King of the Lab?)

Speaking of excellent moments ... what about Booth going off on a goofy-dreamy diatribe about how a date for coffee can lead to the candles burning low all night long. This is vintage Booth and it's stinking adorable ... and hilarious! He's obviously thinking about himself and Brennan. 

Angela Isn't Happy With the Love She Has(n't) Been Getting

Angela shares with Cam that she and Hodgins haven't been intimate since the accident. Hold your horses, girlie girl. The man is dealing with a lot of things right now. Surely his confidence is at an all time low. Give it some time. What she is getting is expensive jewelry from her husband. She has a beautiful bracelet at the beginning of the episode and later gets a matching necklace. It's clear Hodgins is making up for his perceived inadequacies. And I don't mean his injury. It's clear he's worried that either Angela no longer finds him attractive or he won't be able to perform. Remember that he recently heard Angela call out Sebastian's name while sleeping. That's a swift kick in the libido, but he's also finally become aware of how big of an ass he's been to his wife. He has some bad behavior to make up for, clearly, but he's overcompensating. 

The Usual Suspects Line Up

The victim, Frankie Kwiatowski, was a fixer for celebrities and other powerful people. He makes problems go away for those willing to pay the price. His wife, Lissa "Balloons-For-Breasts" Bowman alibis out, but points the finger at his assistant, Kerry Napoli. At Frankie's office, Kerry pretends to turn over all her boss' client files to Aubrey, but Aubrey wasn't born yesterday. Aubrey's dad used to bring him to Kwiatowski's office when he was a kid. Aubrey knows all about the switch under the bathroom sink which reveals a false wall filled with file cabinets and a huge safe. 

Dr. Wells Achieves a New Level of Douchiness

Wells finds out about Christine's exemplary report card and insists that Christine only deserves "good" marks rather than the true "exemplary" which he himself earned as a tyke. What's exemplary is the level of douchiness Wells exhibits in this episode. (Awesome). Brennan handles it incredibly well, and shuts him down until she finds out that Wells stole the report card to have the handwriting tested for its authenticity. He insists that Christine turned a minus to a plus on one of her grades. If his self-congratulatory deconstruction of Christine's artwork isn't appalling enough, this invasion of privacy takes the cake.

Brennan Wells FaceOff.jpg
When Brennan learns that Wells took the report card to Hodgins to be looked at under a microscope, she agrees to have the ink examined to see if two different pens were used, proving that baby Booth did, indeed, change her grade. Brennan and Wells make a wager over who is right, which Brennan finally loses when the report card writing is proven to be done with two different pens.

Delfs is Hot For Aubrey, But Her Research Is Reasoned

At the beginning of the episode Delfs asks Aubrey out on a date. This is just a device to get the issue of Aubrey's dad into the storyline. She repeatedly mentions Aubrey's daddy issues and is completely fascinated by him. I can't tell if she's interested in him romantically or if she's ravenous for a close-up exploration of his psyche. While going through Frankie's files they come across Aubrey Senior's file which FBI Aubrey says would be unethical for him to read unless it pertains to the case. Wow, that's a lot of willpower. This lasts all the way until the end of the episode when Delfs brings the file to Aubrey and announces that Daddy Aubrey, after 18 years as a fugitive, has returned to D.C. and has been investigating his son. What the ...? How's that for a dramatic twist? Something wicked definitely this way comes, people.

Frankie Bullied the Mafia and a Billionaire With a Diaper Fetish

A year-old fracture to the left leg leads the team to investigate Jimmy Nessari, a mobster whose wife Frankie was representing in a $12 million divorce settlement. Nasari says Kwiatowski did everything in his power to mess with his life and his business after Nasari broke his leg. He alibis out.

Duck poop on the victim's shoe puts him in Anacastia Park near the business of billionaire business owner Abraham Froome who hired Kwiatowski to make a blackmailer with some nasty sex tapes disappear. The blackmailer, Hotel Poggio employee Valon Dudeshev, insists he never got the blackmail money, though Froome says Frankie convinced him to pay it. When Brennan and Booth go to his apartment (the apartment number was "447" by the way) the guy is completely grape-colored. He says Kwiatowski took the sex tape from him, took his cell phone and wallet, and made him get into a tub full of purple dye. What's that all about? 

The Double-Crossing Lover/Assistant Did It

It turns out that Frankie and his assistant, lying Kerry Napoli, had created the whole blackmail-paying ruse to get the $2 million and run away to make love in the sunset. Booth hypothesizes that she drugged Frankie who then tried to puke up the Ketamine. As he was prostrate over the sink, she crashed his head into the countertop until he died. "But I have an alibi!" she insists. Booth has an answer for this as well. She'd blackmailed her clients into saying she had been elsewhere at the time Frankie was killed. It's the slammer for you, baby girl.

Angela Blackmails Hodgins Back Into Society

One of the final scenes has Aubrey, Cam, Hodgins and Angela at The Founding Fathers pub where they all drink to Hodgins finally going out in public. It turns out Angela has given her gifted jewelry to Cam until Hodgins has gone out on dates with her several times during one month. Clever. 

Brennan Humbly Humiliates Herself After Losing the Douchy Bet

Back at home, Brennan tells Booth that she had to record a lengthy voice mail message for Wells, the most brilliant forensic anthropologist at the Jeffersonian, because she lost the bet. I'm impressed how well she takes the loss, and without gritting her teeth or getting that pinchy face that Booth always calls her out for. 

Cheating Christine Booth.jpg
Happily, Booth tells her that Christine didn't cheat after all. He called the teacher who explained that she ran out of ink while filling out the report card and had to find a new pen. The two then close out the episode with mutual "our-brilliant-baby-didn't-cheat" excitement that makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. Awwwww.

In the next episode, we have a new intern on deck at the Jeffersonian, but things don't go at all how anyone expects. Tune in when Parker Booth makes an appearance in "The Strike in the Chord" featuring the a capella group Pentatonix.

Bones airs Thursdays at 8pm on FOX. 

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