'Bones' Recap: Booth and Brennan on a Terrorist's Trail
'Bones' Recap: Booth and Brennan on a Terrorist's Trail
Kim Stempel
Kim Stempel
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Bones is finally back from its long winter nap! In the previous episode, Hodgins discovered that he had a secret brother who suffers from schizo-affective disorder. Although Brennan and Booth offered to give Hodgins the money from her book royalties so that Hodgins could keep his brother at the facility where he has lived most of his life, Hodgins declined in favor of getting a loan.

This week's episode of Bones, titled "The Source in the Sludge," brings back CIA agent Danny Beck (Freddie Prinze, Jr.) as Booth and Brennan join Beck in the hunt for a terrorist.

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A Slippery Situation

The show opens with a couple of guys at a lake at night as they plot to cheat at the next day's fishing tournament. They spy a large bag and open it to find human remains. 

Meanwhile, at the diner, Booth and Brennan have breakfast and discuss life insurance and how likely it is that Booth will die before Brennan. Ah, true love! Brennan takes issue with the fact that her life insurance policy is more expensive because the insurance company feels that it is more dangerous for Brennan to spend time in the field than her husband. Brennan is far from happy when Booth agrees with the insurance company's assessment, citing his training and the fact that Brennan once shot him while saving his life.

At the lake, the team examines the body, which Cam estimates has been in the water for four days. Hodgins and Cam are also dragged into the marital dispute and side along gender lines. When the body is pulled from the water, a snake escapes and Booth catches it. He finally gets it in an evidence bag.

Daisy is Distracted

Brennan determines that the victim was in her late 20's. Daisy, who has been studying for her oral exams, misidentifies the victim's ethnicity and receives a reprimand from Brennan. The lampreys that were in the bag with the body were instrumental in removing skin from the remains. Daisy tries to impress Brennan with her examination of the victim's skeleton, but fails to correctly identify the age of a humerus fracture. The serial number on the pin that was inserted to help stabilize will yield the victim's identity. Sweets tells Booth that whoever dumped the body with the eels is trying to send a clear message.

A Study in Courage

Angela discovers that the pin was part of a medical equipment shipment to Afghanistan. The victim, Sari Nazeri, was originally from Afghanistan. Nazeri and her brother were granted political asylum after Sari helped US troops find terrorists. The young woman also made some videos about her life.

A Link to Terror

Booth and Brennan go to speak with Aziz Nazeri, Sari's brother. Aziz is not alone -- CIA agent Danny Beck is with him. Beck explains to Brennan and Booth that when Aziz came home the previous Friday, Sari was missing.

Brennan tells Beck that the case is under the FBI's jurisdiction. Booth asks Aziz who would have a motive to hurt his sister. Aziz does not hesitate and states that it is Ibrahim Sajadi, who made bombs for terrorists. Sari helped the CIA identify where Ibrahim lived so the CIA could target him. Beck recruited Sari in Afghanistan, and she put the transponder for the drone strike in Ibrahim's house. She was injured in the explosion.

Wanted -- Dead or Alive

Beck is less than happy when he finds out that Booth is his boss on the case. Sweets finds the fact that Ibrahim used serpents in every killing attributed to him a strong indication that Ibrahim must be alive. Beck pulls up footage of the drone strike, but Booth doubts that Ibrahim is dead. Beck is steadfast and maintains that Sari saw him go into the house. Finally, Beck agrees that if Ibrahim was alive, he would have killed Sari personally.

While they are no closer to finding the cause of Sari's death, Cam discovers that Sari was violently dragged. Angela can find no trace of Ibrahim or any of his aliases. She does find out that Ibrahim was in US custody in Afghanistan. Ibrahim escaped, along with a group of other terrorists, when the prison was bombed. The guard on duty at the time, Derek Johannessen, believed that Ibrahim would come to America for revenge.

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The Chameleon

Beck and Booth find Johannessen for a chat. He is now a security guard. He asks the duo if they actually killed Ibrahim. The terrorist was in isolation, and Johannessen was the only person that Ibrahim talked to. Johannessen's memory is a bit fuzzy, but he does recall Ibrahim's nickname -- "the chameleon."

Brotherly Love

While Cam and Brennan puzzle over the cause of death, they discover that Sari had been bound for several days. It seems that Daisy overlooked this fact also. Hodgins is super excited about his eels, and he finds twine in the eel excrement, along with morning glory pollen. Since Sari's brother is a landscaper, he moves way up on the suspect list.

Sweets and Daisy have lunch, and Daisy confesses that she failed her oral exams for her doctorate. She is afraid of being fired because she is a failure. Sweets urges her to tell Brennan the truth.

Beck doesn't believe that Aziz would hurt his sister. The theory becomes more credible when records are found showing that Aziz bought a disposable cell phone three weeks before Sari's death. The gardening twine that Hodgins discovers is a match for both Sari's blood and the marks on her bones. Aziz was making calls to Afghanistan, but the calls stopped two days before the victim's death. Beck finally reveals what he knows and tells them that Aziz must have been calling Jamaal Ahmed, one of Ibrahim's men in Ghazni.

One Good Punch

Brennan wants to go with Beck and Booth to talk with Aziz, even though they don't want her to come. When Aziz flees, Brennan slugs him. Way to go, Bones! Aziz wanted to take his sister home. He also remarks that Sari was staying out all night. Brennan and Booth are furious that Beck wasn't aware of what was going on in Sari's life.

Meanwhile, at the lab, Daisy admits to Brennan that she failed her exam. Daisy is shocked to find out that Brennan also failed her orals. Daisy then finds a v-shaped notch in the bone. Angela and Hodgins discover that the type of knife that was used to make the mark was made for Special Forces.

A Secret Affair

Booth wants to bring Beck in for impeding an investigation. Booth confronts Beck on the street and demands his gun and knife. Beck cracks and confesses his love for Sari, and that he gave her his knife for protection. Beck just came from a briefing, and Ibrahim is still alive and in the US.

Cam finds out that the stab wound didn't kill the victim. Sari was tied up and left to dehydrate. How horrible! Sweets feels that Ibrahim might have done that because his family died slowly in the rubble from the drone strike. Sari also bit her killer, and they are searching for a Nordic male.

And the Killer Is...

The DNA comes back to Johannessen, who was being paid off by Ibrahim's network. Johannessen was paid to kill Sari and spread chatter that Ibrahim was alive. Booth is about to head in to interrogate Johannessen when he finds out that if the suspect gives up the network, he will gain his freedom and a nice monetary bonus from the government. The team is bitterly disappointed.

Booth and Beck confront Johannessen as he revels in his freedom. It turns out that the military is continuing to pay for his rehab, which means he is still a member of the military and can be charged in military court for murder and treason.

Booth surprises Brennan with a bottle of scotch to celebrate their partnership. Brennan runs the figures and agrees with the cost for her life insurance since it is based on rational thinking.

I thought this episode of Bones was a bit convoluted, but I liked the part about Brennan not understanding why Booth is safer in the field.

Bones airs Mondays at 8pm on FOX.

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