'Bones' Preview: Solving Brennan's Murder
'Bones' Preview: Solving Brennan's Murder
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
OK, not really. But it's pretty close, since the murder victim this week greatly resembles our favorite forensic anthropologist.

"The Doctor in the Photo" is the last Bones episode we'll get until sometime in 2011, but it delivers just what fans need to keep them going until then. The episode is told from Brennan's point of view, with the excellent result that we get to see a lot of Brennan. And a lot of Brennan can never be a bad thing.

The murder victim of the week turns out to be a highly-regarded cardiac surgeon with more than a few similarities to Brennan. Physical appearance, age, education, profession and even jewelry highlight those similarities. As the investigation progresses, Brennan begins to see herself in the place of the murder victim.

While most of the Bones characters simply wander in and out of the episode, we get a new character to make up the difference. Brennan's obsession with the case leads her to the Jeffersonian each night, where her only companion (other than the bones, of course) is Micah, the night security guard.

We've never seen Micah (played by the wonderful Enrico Colantoni) before, but it's obvious that he and Brennan are old, late-night friends. Alone of all of the characters surrounding Brennan this week, Micah actually seems to understand what she's going through. Plus, Micah likes to attend academic lectures, so he has all kinds of random wisdom to offer.

It's not all murder investigation and self-discovery. There are also some excellent Brennan-Booth moments. Unfortunately, they go along with several Hannah-is-awkwardly-in-the-room-and-can't-mind-her-own-business moments as well. And the episode begins with a Brennan-hosted dinner party, where she gets to be the only single girl in a room of couples (oh, Brennan, I feel your pain!). The poor lady even has to perform tricks to earn her place.

Will all of Brennan's turmoil express itself emotionally? Without giving any details away, let's just say yes. Oh yes.

"The Doctor in the Photo" will air on Thursday, Dec. 9.

What do you want to see in "The Doctor in the Photo?" How will Brennan deal with confronting her "own" death? Let us know!

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