Bones: Preview of "The He in the She"
Bones: Preview of "The He in the She"
Last week on Bones, we followed the team in their quest to sort through the remains of a despised office manager, which was found in an elevator shaft.  The team immediately set out to find out which employee was responsible for the murder and later discovers that the manager had more than enough complaints filed against him.  We also saw Angela and Hodgins try to resolve their issues in the lab following their break-up.

Tonight, Bones returns with another new fourth season episode airing tonight at 8pm on FOX.

Spoiler Fix reports that on tonight’s episode of Bones, the team will set out to work on skeletal remains found in the Chesapeake Bay.  To make things more complicated, only the upper torso of the victim is intact, leaving the team very little to work from, including the victim’s breast implants.  Brennan and Booth head to a small church community in Maryland where the victim was a former pastor, However, townsfolk say that they have no records of her existence before she moved in five years ago.

When the team finds the lower half of the body, they realize that the case is more difficult than they initially thought it would be.  Sweets shares his thoughts on the matter and Brennan enlists the help of a new graduate student by the name of Vincent Juarez.  This creates even more tension between Brennan and Cam, who doesn’t like Vincent’s lame jokes.

Tonight’s episode of Bones will feature Ryan Cartwright as Vincent Nigel-Murray, David Gallagher as Ryan Stephenson, Nancy Youngblut as Cecilia Stephenson, Blake Shields as Chuck Kennedy, John Livingston as Wade Schmidt, Bruce Thomas as JP Gratton, Sylva Kelegian as Rita Gratton and Mark Doerr as Patrick Stephenson.

Emily Deschanel returns as Temperance Brennan and David Boreanaz as Seeley Booth on Bones, airing every Wednesday at 8pm on FOX.

-Valerie Anne del Castillo, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Spoiler Fix
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