'Bones' Preview: Episode 5.18 'The Predator in the Pool'
'Bones' Preview: Episode 5.18 'The Predator in the Pool'
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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A pool of uncertainties revolves around tonight's Bones episode. For one thing, Booth and Brennan have seemingly moved on to new love interests, making their future look even cloudier. Then there's also this week's case, a fishy murder that exposes everyone at the aquarium as suspects.

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Last Week's Recap: "The Death of a Queen Bee"

In "The Predator in the Pool," Brennan and Booth are called in to identify a missing person when human remains are found inside a shark. The case eventually leads them to The Aquarium of the Atlantic where a guest lecturer promoting the healing wonders of the ocean has suddenly disappeared.

Is There Still Hope for Booth and Bones?

Though many are looking forward to this episode, many, understandably, are also looking into it with much apprehension. Rena Sofer finally makes her Bones debut and right off the bat, her character, marine biologist Dr. Catherine Bryar, shows interest in Booth, much to chagrin of Brennan, though she probably won't admit it.

Meanwhile, Booth himself has to deal with the fact that Brennan and FBI Agent Andrew Hacker (guest star Diedrich Bader) are going out on a date as well.

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