'Bones' News: Not Just About the Relationships
'Bones' News: Not Just About the Relationships
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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Bones is a show that wisely focuses on its characters. After all, there's just so much blood and guts and vomit-inducing mold that an audience can take. Of course, this means that sometimes it seems that the only Bones news is about who is breaking up or getting together with whom.

Nothing wrong with that news. But there are a few other news pieces as well.

Another Lead Cast for the Spinoff
The date on which we'll get a glimpse of "The Locator" (or, "The Finder" as Hart Hanson seems to be calling him on Twitter) is rapidly approaching. Fortunately, the casting of the potential show's main characters is falling into place as well.

Reports now hold that Saffron Burrows, formerly of Law & Order: Criminal Intent, will join the cast of the spinoff as the female lead. Burrows will play a confidante and sidekick of the main character, Walter Sherman. In addition, she will be a bar owner and possibly a helicopter pilot.

Sounds like a pretty run-of-the-mill character, doesn't she?

Burrows joins the already-cast Geoff Stults (playing the lead role of Walter Sherman) and Michael Clarke Duncan. The Bones episode that sets up the spinoff will be the 19th of the season, scheduled to air on April 21.

The Sniper Returns with a Bang and Weirdness Never Ceases
Relationships aside, an awful lot of Bones' charm(?) lies in the never-ending procession of completely weird ways in which decomposed bodies appear. This spring is no exception. According to EW.com, fans can expect to be disgusted by a "body farm" and the anthropological examination of a living victim.

But first, on the March 10 episode of Bones, we'll get another look at that evil sniper, Jacob Broadsky. This will cause a great deal of angst for Booth.

The April 14 episode will feature the body farm, which is apparently a real thing. According to the show's producers, it's an applied forensics anthropology lab where they do things to dead bodies in order to see what happens. Do not plan to eat dinner while watching this one.

On May 5, the team will deal with a deaf-mute woman found covered in blood and with a knife. Figuring out the murder requires Brennan to examine the woman using anthropology but also working with the non-scientific notion of a motive.

Also up for the spring: a Mythbusters-themed episode (written by series co-star John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein) in which a body is found, having been mangled by a chupacabra.

So that's the news! Sorry there isn't more of the love stuff. But sometimes, even Bones has to deal with something else.

Are you looking forward to seeing the spin-off episode? How do you feel about the casting? Are you capable of eating during a Bones episode? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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