'Bones' News: Get Ready for a Spinoff
'Bones' News: Get Ready for a Spinoff
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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Do you feel that there aren't enough socially inept geniuses solving crime on TV these days? When Bones is over, do you just want to see more? Ever wish that Brennan was a guy?

If the answer to any of these questions is "yes," then you are very much in luck. Deadline.com has reported that Fox and Hart Hanson are planning a Bones spinoff with such a character in the lead role.

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The new series would revolve around a young man named Walter Sherman, nicknamed "The Locator" due to his incredible ability to find just about anyone or anything. Eccentric, skeptical and often amusing, the character has the social traits of a less-literal Brennan. Unlike Brennan, however, Sherman also has some serious psychological disorders underlying his social issues: a brain injury while serving as a military police officer in Iraq left him with constant paranoia. Sherman does still manage to function, mostly by asking rude and irrelevant-sounding questions that eventually lead him to the truth.

Walter Sherman will make his Bones debut on an episode scheduled to air sometime this winter and may reappear for more than one episode before beginning his own series. Sherman's connection to the Bones world is through Booth, who knew The Locator when both were in Iraq. While Brennan finds Sherman's skills to be intriguing, Booth holds on to a strong dislike for the man.

The character of Walter Sherman comes from a series of two books, The Knowland Retribution and The Lacey Confession by Richard Greener. In the books, Sherman is a recluse and an older veteran (having served in the Vietnam War) who can charge a high fee for the locating of missing or elusive people. Safe to say that a television series will require a few more characters with whom Walter Sherman can interact.

Although there is no word yet on the specific casting of the part, Fox, the producer of Bones, seems set to approve the spinoff if the right actor is found. Rumors hold that the TV character will be a much younger man, probably in his late 20s or early 30s. Bones creator Hart Hanson will also serve as the creator for the new series.

What do you think of a Bones spinoff? Do you think you would watch it? Any casting ideas? Let us know by leaving comments below!

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