'Bones' News: A Baby on the Way and Guest Casting
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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While Bones fans obsess about whether Brennan and Booth are going to get together, real lives and show-running have kept on going. It's easy to forget that. And then, every once in awhile, there's a piece of news that can make everything a little more complicated.

She's Having a Baby
No, I'm not talking about the Angela-Hodgins baby due at some point this season. I'm talking about a real baby coming into the life of one of the Bones actors. Who is it?

According to People.com, Bones star Emily Deschanel is expecting a baby with her husband, David Hornsby.

The article does not give any specific due date, saying only that the baby will arrive "later this year." As a result, there is no word yet how and if this would affect Bones. The show, while not officially renewed at this time, is fully expected to return for a seventh season in the fall, a return that Deschanel's pregnancy could delay.

Or maybe the baby will be a good Hollywood child and arrive during the hiatus.

The baby will be the first child for Deschanel and her husband, who married last September.

Tina Majorino Adding Bones to Her Resume
TVGuide.com has announced that Tina Majorino, an actress best known for the recurring roles of Mac on Veronica Mars and Heather on Big Love, will guest star in the second-to-last episode of Bones' sixth season.

In the episode, entitled "The Hole in the Heart," Majorino will play Special Agent Genny Shaw, a young member of the FBI assigned to assist Booth in his ongoing hunt for sniper Jacob Broadsky. The character looks to be fairly inexperienced, getting her cover blown by Broadsky. This is, not surprisingly, dangerous.

Majorino has also recently appeared on The Deep End (that quickly-canceled show about baby lawyers) and as a guest star on Castle.

"The Hole in the Heart" will air May 12.

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