'Bones' Likely To Be Renewed for 10th and Final Season
'Bones' Likely To Be Renewed for 10th and Final Season
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Don't shoot the messenger here! Bones is likely to be renewed next season but there's a hitch: Season 10 might also be its last. 

"We're negotiating on Bones for season 10, and I expect it will be back," Fox Chairman Kevin Reilly told reporters Monday at the Television Critics Association winter press tour. If and when Bones gets renewed, executive producer Stephen Nathan will be serving as showrunner, replacing Hart Hanson who will be focusing on his new series Backstorm.

This statement doesn't come as a surprise as Bones remains stable and maintains its strong fan following despite its frequently moving time slots. However, following his press release on stage, Reilly also hinted to reporters that Bones will "likely" end with a 10th season.

Before you unleash your fury, let's discuss whether or not Bones ending with season 10 is a good thing. 

Over a span of nine seasons, Booth and Brennan have extensively played the will-they-won't-they dance before having a baby together and finally getting married. As far as Booth and Brennan as a couple is concerned, I'm pretty satisfied with how the show has shed light onto every phase of their relationship. Though there could still be marital bliss and domestic problems to explore, the next and final season might as well tap on that and wrap it up. 

On the other hand, the crime, the science, the mystery and procedural aspects of the show are other things to consider. Despite the hundreds of murder cases that have already been solved, the show continues to provide viewers with interesting facts and storylines, and there doesn't seem to be a shortage of ideas as far as forensics is concerned.  Are the cases getting redundant? I guess it all depends on what else fans expect from Bones.

Then there's the issue of Hart Hanson stepping down as showrunner. While Stephen Nathan is highly capable of taking over his duties, it's still hard to tell how changes behind the camera will translate onto the small screen. Will Bones stay the same or will it go in a different direction?

Though it's depressing to say goodbye to Booth and Brennan for good, I always thought that a series such as Bones deserves to end on a high note. 

Are you still looking forward to Bones without Hart Hanson? Should season 10 be its last? Share your thoughts below!

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