'Bones' Fans React to Booth's Ultimatum for Brennan
'Bones' Fans React to Booth's Ultimatum for Brennan
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Last week's episode, "The Daredevil in the Mold," officially extinguished one of the biggest love triangles on Bones but didn't necessarily pave the way for the much-awaited Booth and Brennan romance. In the end, Booth seemingly got what he deserved for hastily popping the question to Hannah, who in turn rejected his marriage proposal. (Get all the juicy details in this recap.) Brennan, on the other hand, had only two options: to either leave Booth's life or be his friend and nothing more. Of course, in true Brennan style, she kept her emotions to herself and chose the latter. 

Booth's ultimatum for Brennan certainly became a water cooler topic, leading us to question whether fans were satisfied with the way Booth and Brennan reacted to one another. Here are some of the answers:

Teamlama: For a moment I thought that she might spill out her emotions ... but I kinda got mad at Booth for giving her those two options. I know he was hurt and all, but I still had hoped for a hug or something. It appeared to me as if he was (kind of) mad at her, like blaming all the women (including Brennan) for his "misery." However, I think Brennan dealt with it very well. You could see it was hard on her though.

Wiccagirl21: Booth is a jerk for that. Bones loves him or she would [have] left the bar. But no she sat there and had drinks with him when it was hurting her to see Booth so sad.

Edwards713: We all want the two of them together, yes, but that wouldn't be romantic if they rushed into something after he was crushed about Hannah's response to his proposal. It wouldn't have been credible for Booth's character to jump emotions like that when we know how much he loves and cares for Brennan.

Moonflower: I think he was a bit harsh to Brennan, but can you blame him? He was pretty depressed. It just shows how much Brennan cares for him that she sat with him and drank with him.

Brandi Palmer: She should have just grabbed him and kissed him.

Laura Lee Reitano: With the ultimatum he gave you knew she was going to stay. Their partnership means everything to her and he knows it. Even though he was pissed he wanted her there without technically saying, "Please stay."

Grace Wright Stein: I felt Bones' response was the right one. It was not intrusive and leaves the door open for whatever. It lets Booth know she was there for him.

Meanwhile, we also asked Bones fans if Booth sabotaged his own relationship and many seem to think that he brought this dilemma upon himself by rushing into something he was clearly not prepared for.  

SandraJensen: What Booth did subconsciously was find a clone of Rebecca, the mother of his son Parker, down to the hair color and attitude toward life and marriage. He was stupidly trying to recapture something that never was truly real, and I think that he deserved what he got!

GabrieleBecke: I've decided that Booth makes horrible relationship decisions when he listens to Lance Sweets. Prior to Booth telling Brennan that he loved her and wanted to take a chance, Gordon told him to take his time. Then when Lance implies that he pities Booth's love life, we end up with Booth proposing to Hannah. I like Sweets but think Gordon Wyatt gave much better advise to Booth.

Kacey7: Booth should have never asked Hannah to get married, and it's good she turned him down. He did it for all the wrong reasons, not because he was so in love with her that he couldn't imagine his life not married to her. He felt peer pressure.

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