'Bones' Fans Predict the Sniper's Next Target
'Bones' Fans Predict the Sniper's Next Target
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Bones kicked off its sniper story arc with a bang as it claimed the life of gravedigger Heather Taffet. While her death was shocking, her departure wasn't upsetting, since she certainly got what she deserved. Unfortunately, Heather isn't Broadsky the Sniper's last victim. As we all know, Broadsky has already claimed yet another victim in "The Killer in the Crosshairs" and it looks like he's more determined than ever before to take out more criminals that have escaped the justice system.

Warning: The rest of this article contains spoilers and speculations about the sniper's next victim.

Bones Quiz: All About Broadsky the Sniper

According to TV Line, Broadsky the Sniper will claim yet another victim before the season comes to an end, and this time it's someone we all know. "Our people work in a very dangerous and risky job," explains executive producer Stephen Nathan. "One of them will realize the extent of that danger. And it will be shocking." Given this spoiler, we asked our readers and Facebook fans to predict the sniper's next target and surprisingly, many suspect that it's going to be Brennan's father Max.

Mandi Katherine: My honest guess would be Max since he is a criminal of sorts and we know and love him.

Alisa Marie Christensen: Not Max! I was so excited to hear that he was coming back this season, but not if they are going to kill him off! That would be terrible! It makes sense though, but poor Brennan.

Rehannon Gardner: It makes so much sense for it to be Max! It'll be such good TV, but I'll cry so hard. I'd still cry harder if it was Caroline, though. A lot of people are guessing that it'll be Brennan. That'll be a non-fatal shot though. That would be interesting and wonderfully dramatic.

Do you agree with these fans? Can you think of another character who might be in danger? Share your theories on how Bones will resolve the sniper arc here!

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