'Bones' Fans Give Share Their Post-Breakup Advice to Booth
'Bones' Fans Give Share Their Post-Breakup Advice to Booth
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After Hannah rejected his marriage proposal, Booth practically hit rock bottom as he asked the question, "What is it with women who don't want what I'm offering?" and drowned his sorrows with alcohol. Though Booth appeared to be doing just fine in "The Bikini in the Soup," much thanks to Brennan's support, we all know that he's still hurting deep inside and that it will take some time (and several more episodes) for him get back to his old self and move on -- hopefully into the arms of Brennan. In the meantime, we asked our readers and Facebook fans what post-breakup advice they could give to Booth and here are some of the responses:

wiccagirl21: Not to take out on the one he really loves. To not drink his pain away. It's not the best idea. To take one day at a time.

John Butler: Give yourself a break dude, take your time and get yourself recentered.

Zeinab De: Take some time off ... think about stuff and be single for a while. Don't go into one night stands. 

The bottom line is that Booth needs to be singe for some time. While this makes the most sense, we can't deny the fact that what Bones fans really want is for Booth and Brennan to end up together. The will they-won't they chase has been a debatable subject since the beginning of the show but it appears that after six seasons, viewers are getting tired of the dance and would rather see them together than have them apart. But will this ruin the show? Not according to these fans:

Jody Cotter: I think it would be great. She has learned so much from being around him already. She is becoming a humorous lady. I just think it would be nice and they would still have differences of course. I have been married almost 43 years and trust me, we have differences. They would too. There is no "happy ever after" in real life. Its compromise, compromise, and taking turns with who you are compromising with.

Kaari Firor: Their natural chemistry is amazing and they have so many more oportunities to grow together while working from opposite ends of the social spectrum.

John Butler: I think it would be better, I mean has Bones been in a true relationship, well maybe if you count Sully, but her and Booth dealing with work, their mindsets, trying to figure out where the path for the future goes will be entertaining. We all know there will be arguments and fights, makeups and contests, dealing with family, friends and the FBI ... come on its about time they get together!

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