'Bones' Fan Columnist: What Happens Now?
'Bones' Fan Columnist: What Happens Now?
Nicole Bessette
Nicole Bessette
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Alright, Bones fans, there is only one word on my mind right now: finally.  In case you happened to miss last night's episode, "The Daredevil in the Mold," brace yourselves because I've got some big news.

Hannah is gone!  Thank you universe and Bones writers for finally doing what should have been done a long time ago.  Now the path is clear for our beloved Booth and Brennan to finally get together.

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But will they?  Well, that certainly remains to be seen (although I've totally got my fingers crossed), so for now, let's get recapping!

Stunt Gone Wrong

Well, if you're at all like me, you must have found it a little hard to concentrate on the case in this episode given the whole Booth proposing deal, so let me break it down for you again.

Human remains are found disgustingly covered in dog vomit slime mold on the roof of a warehouse, so Booth and Brennan take the body back to the Jeffersonian to assess how the victim died.  

Given that this particular victim had evidence of approximately 120 previously broken bones and Brennan still wasn't done assessing the entire skeleton, Angela assumes that their victim was a daredevil, and it turns out she is right.

The victim, commonly known as D-Rod, was a BMX rider who was trying to get sponsored, so he would often post videos of himself riding on YouTube.  In order to really get the attention of the sponsors, though, he wanted to get a shot of himself jumping from roof to roof.  

So, we obviously know that D-Rod attempted this jump, but the question remains: was he killed as a result of this failed stunt or was he killed after?

Well, thanks to our good old friend Fisher we learn that D-Rod died from internal decapitation resulting from blunt force trauma to his chin which snapped his neck and killed him, and thanks to the always stellar Angela, we learn that, no matter which way the bike landed on the rooftop, D-Rod could not have been killed the way he was, meaning he was murdered.

Now, due to threads of glass found in the mold and on the victim which Hodgins identifies as fiberglass from a cast, and given the force which would have been needed to do the damage that was done to D-Rod, the Squints discern that he must have been kicked.

So, that brings us to the only person at the skate park with a cast on his leg, Pete Casriel.  Pete was the one who towed D-Rod along in his truck so that he could get up enough speed for his stunt, but after he didn't see him pop up waving on the rooftop, he knew something was wrong and went up to check on him.

Once up there, Pete and D-Rod started fighting, and Pete kicked him in the jaw with his cast, severing his head from his neck.  Pretty sad, isn't it?  Those BMX riders are certainly very intriguing people.  

Fisher Finds Peace

It seems like all of our returning Squinterns are coming back changed people, and Fisher is no exception.  As it turns out, our perpetually depressed intern is apparently now chill and serene.  

Also, he drinks very strong-smelling teas and listens to the sounds of waves crashing from oceans all over the world in order to dispel his sense of dread and hopelessness.  Hey, whatever works, right?

After all, it does seem to make him more focused and able to detect certain anomalies a lot faster, so by all means carry on, Fisher!

Sweets Wants to Propose

At the beginning of this episode, we saw Sweets and Booth putting some serious drinks back, and amidst all of this, Sweets tells Booth that he loves Daisy so much and cannot imagine life without her.  Oh yeah, and he really wants to get married.  

Booth, however, replies that he is too young which prompts Sweets to confess that he doesn't want to be Booth's age and wind up like him having never been married.  To him, that's sad, so he decides then and there that he's going to propose to Daisy.  

So, he and Booth go ring shopping, but when Sweets sees how much a nice ring will cost, he suddenly realizes that Booth was right; he's not ready.

However, one person is, and that man is our very own Seeley Booth.  When Sweets was talking about not wanting to end up like him when he was older, you could tell it struck a chord in Booth, so he valiantly proclaimed that he was going to propose to Hannah as well.  Apparently he'd been planning on doing so for a long time, but something still tells me differently.

Nevertheless, however, when Sweets chickens out at the ring store, Booth decides to buy an enormous rock for Hannah because he loves her, and he's going to go for it--and go for it he certainly does.   

Booth Does Propose   

...And it fails.  Miserably.  Poor Booth!  In an emotionally stirring performance from the fantastic David Boreanaz, we see Booth lay it all out on the line by asking Hannah to marry him, but unfortunately for him (yet amazingly good for us),  she says that she's not the marrying kind.  

She says that she really loves him but thought they'd have more time before they got to that point, and so all she can seem to say is she's sorry.  Then, she asks the question which I'm sure everyone was wondering, "What happens now?"

Although Hannah wishes they could just take it all back and pretend like it never happened, Booth just can't do that, and his silence is enough to get the message across clearly.  So, Hannah says she'll get her stuff out of his place, and just like that, the two are broken up.  

Now, as much as I would have liked to have screamed and jumped up and down in that moment, the fact was that I felt extremely sorry for Booth, especially when he threw the ring into the water and then proceeded to drown his sorrows in alcohol at the Founding Fathers.

I will say that I did appreciate Hannah calling Brennan, but I certainly hope that that's the last we ever hear her name mentioned on the show.   

And now, we have come to the part of the episode which I will confess had me on the verge of tears.  Just like Brennan laid it all out on the line to Booth in "The Doctor in the Photo" and was let down, Booth finds himself in the same situation and wonders why women just don't want what he's offering.  

He then confesses to Brennan that he's really mad (as he has every right to be) and tells her that she has a choice either to stay and have a drink with him or to leave.  So, since those are her only two options, Brennan, of course, chooses to stay with Booth and says she'll have a drink.

So, now that Hannah is out of the way and Booth and Brennan are both single, I must repeat Hannah's question, "What happens now?"  

Well, in a recent interview with TVLine's Matt Mitovitch, Stephen Nathan revealed that there are no immediate plans for Booth and Brennan to get together because it just wouldn't be believable.  

As he put it, "Brennan was shot down, then Booth was shot down by Hannah.  If they then all of a sudden fall into a relationship together...It wouldn't have any real truth to it."  And as much as I hate to hear it, I do believe he's right.  

Now, in regards to someone else coming in and keeping Booth and Brennan apart yet again, Hart Hanson had this to say to Give Me My Remote's Marisa Roffman: "Why would we want to repeat a plot device for keeping them apart?"  

So, if Hannah was that plot device, the "third wheel" so to speak, is it safe to assume we won't see anyone else coming in between Booth and Brennan in the future?  It sounds that way to me, but certainly hit the comments below to share your thoughts on the matter.

Also, don't forget that the subject of whether or not Booth and Brennan should get together at the end of the season is still being discussed.  In a previous interview with TVLine, Hart Hanson revealed, "What happens [as we wrap] between Booth and Brennan is the subject of a spirited and wide-ranging debate...Some people think [we should go for it], and others are wildly against it. It's a really interesting debate."  

So, all that to say as always, don't fret fellow Bones fans.  There's always hope!

Next Week's Episode

Speaking of hope, next week's episode is the Valentine's Day episode of Bones, "The Bikini in the Soup," and Brennan and newly single Booth, both alone, will be spending the holiday together.  Check out the promo below and be sure to comment away!

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