'Bones' Fan Columnist: Watch Out for those Aliens and their Probes
'Bones' Fan Columnist: Watch Out for those Aliens and their Probes
Well, my friends, I'd like to congratulate you on surviving 35 days without a new Bones episode.  I know it must have been hard, but hey, a little perseverance can go a long way.  Well, that, and, for me, re-watching all of the Bones seasons over the holidays.  Please don't judge! 

So Booth and Bones were back last night in the all-new episode called "The X in the File." Personally, I really enjoyed this episode.  I have to admit, though, that I wasn't exactly sure how the whole alien thing was gonna play out.  I mean, Brennan and aliens?  Yeah, those are two things that definitely don't go together.  However, I was pleasantly surprised, and I think the whole Bones crew did a great job with it.   

In this episode, a body is discovered in the desert in Roswell, New Mexico, by a man named Marvin Breekman.  When Booth and Bones arrive on the scene, the local sheriff, Sheriff Jerry Bonds, shows them to the body.  Booth, of course, thinks the remains are from a real alien, but Brennan is quick to correct him, estimating that the remains belong to a thirty-year old woman.   

Upon requesting that the remains be shipped back to the Jeffersonian for further examination, Sheriff Bonds is insistent that they stay in Roswell, rebuffing Booth's attempts to claim FBI jurisdiction.  So, it looks like Booth and Bones will be staying in New Mexico for a few days and communicating with the rest of the Squints via computer. 

When the body is taken to a rather creepy, old hospital, Brennan tries to take an MRI of it but is shocked by what she discovers.  Essentially, she finds six metal ball bearings in the victim's skull, and she also finds a memory card attached to floss that was wrapped around the victim's tooth.  The ball bearings, memory card, and even the samples of flesh and the stomach she took from the body are then all shipped back to the Jeffersonian.  By the way, you read it right.  Mad props to Dr. Brennan for working with flesh despite the fact that she absolutely despises it.   

Back at the lab, the victim is identified as Ursula Lapine, and Booth and Bones learn from a local café owner, Blaine Miller, that she had an argument with an African American woman the night that she died.  Analyzing the video footage she found on the memory card, Angela is able to figure out that what she originally thought were aliens and spacecrafts were actually people in hazmat suits illegally dumping toxic wastes for a company called Innatron.   

Booth and Bones then connect the dots and learn that the African American woman Blaine Miller was talking about, Rachel Adams, an Innatron executive in charge of waste management, was willing to pay Ursula money in exchange for the video.  Because these two were arguing in Miller's café, he overheard them and decided to steal the memory card from Ursula in order to get the money.  He lured her into the desert and then killed her with an old ray gun he had in the cafe.     

And now we have arrived at my favorite part of the episode: Booth and Bones lying on top of their car looking up at the stars.  In my opinion, there weren't that many great Booth and Bones moments in this episode, but man did this last scene make up for it.  Those two are just so adorable, and I have to say, my friends, I think we're getting really close to something good happening between them.  Oh, and didn't you guys think Brennan was hilarious in this episode?   

Yet, on a sadder note, I felt really bad for Hodgins as Wendell and Angela finally came clean about their relationship.  I know I can't possibly be alone in saying that I am all for Hodgins and Angela reuniting.  I mean, don't get me wrong, I like Wendell on the show, and I think his character is great, but I just don't like him with Angela.  What do you think?  Do you think it's too late for Hodgins and Angela?  Leave a comment below!  Oh, and, on the topic of sad and grieving Hodgins, I have to say that Sweets was so cute in this episode as he tried to console his friend. 

-Nicole Bessette, BuddyTV Fan Columnist
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