'Bones' Fan Columnist: This One's Personal
'Bones' Fan Columnist: This One's Personal
Nicole Bessette
Nicole Bessette
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Wow. They certainly weren't kidding when they said that would be an "explosive" episode of Bones. I mean, a person's head literally exploded right in front of us. How gross was that?

By the way, is it just me or are the bodies of the victims and the crime scenes on this season of Bones getting more and more gruesome and cringe-worthy?

Well, in any case, let's get talking about exploding heads and personal vendettas on this week's episode, "The Bullet in the Brain."

Heads Up

Sorry, I couldn't resist. For those of you who caught the episode last night, you certainly catch my drift, but for those of you who didn't, I come bearing major news.  

We can now all finally say a definitive goodbye to Heather Taffet, more commonly known as the Gravedigger. Was that a sigh of relief I heard? Well, it should be because this means she can no longer hurt any of the major or minor characters we so dearly love.  

Still, in typical Gravedigger fashion, she went out with a bang. Literally. While heading to the courthouse for a final appeal, Heather Taffet was shot in the head, and her head exploded into several pieces in front of many angry protestors. Bet they weren't expecting that, were they?
Although you could certainly argue that Taffet got what she deserved, as many people certainly have, it's still up to Booth and Bones to find the shooter, and this is exactly what they do.  

Booth vs. Broadsky

Yes, this week's episode featured the long-awaited arrival of Booth's new (or rather old) sniper rival, Jacob Ripkin Broadsky. When analyzing where the shot that killed Taffet came from, Booth and Brennan learn that it was an incredibly hard shot to make that came from around 1,500 yards away.

Also, the bullet was custom made, leading Booth to realize that it was a professional hit. Now, given that our beloved Booth is an expert sniper himself (he holds the official record for the longest shot by the way), he knows there is only one other sniper besides himself who could have made that shot: Broadsky.

And, as it turns out, James Kent, the father of two of the Gravedigger's victims, confesses to paying Broadsky $2 million to kill Taffet. According to him, Broadsky chose the victim and set the price, so it seems like that's it, right? Booth can go arrest him now?  

Not quite. Unlike our usual Bones episodes, this one ended without closure in that, when Booth went to get Broadsky, a chase ensued, and Booth ended up on the wrong end of it, dislocating his shoulder and hurting his leg as a result of Broadsky blowing up his trailer.    

But, not to worry, my friends. This was only the beginning of the Bones sniper arc, so definitely stay tuned for more.  

Poor Sweets

Although Hodgins was certainly pleased with what happened to the Gravedigger, Sweets had a rougher time handling things. But, given that the guy was only 1.2 meters from Heather Taffet when her head exploded, I think we can cut him a break.

Also, she said some pretty horrible things to him in the car on the way over to the courthouse about him being the "weakest link" and other similar insults that really shook him up. Of course, that's what she meant to do all along, but still, it was so heartbreaking to watch him replay the tape over and over again.  

Well, I've got some news for you, Sweets. I, as I'm sure you all do as well, love you and think you totally rock!  

Max and Caroline

It sure was nice to see some old faces on Bones last night, especially those of Max Keenan and Caroline Julian. I mean, really, anytime these two are back you know it's gonna be great. And that it certainly was.

Max got to spend some quality bonding time with Brennan, reestablishing the trust between them by providing evidence to show her that he did not kill Heather Taffet and even buying her a present: a shell/toothbrush holder.  

Oh, and we must not forget his questioning Brennan about Booth, saying that he always thought the two were going to stop the nonsense and settle down. Good ol' Max.

And, as usual, Caroline was positively brilliant, especially when she helped to cheer up Sweets and get him back on his feet. You go, Caroline!

Discuss: What was your favorite moment from "The Bullet in the Brain?"  

Next Week's Episode

The next episode of Bones, "The Sin in the Sisterhood," takes Booth and Brennan into the world of polygamy as they investigate sister wives to find out who murdered the victim they find disguised as a scarecrow in a corn field. Watch the promo below, and, of course, comment away on this week's episode!

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