'Bones' Fan Columnist: The Proof in the Pudding Recap
'Bones' Fan Columnist: The Proof in the Pudding Recap
Oh, my friends, I just cannot tell you how much I enjoyed last night's  Bones episode, "The Proof in the Pudding." Now, the case wasn't exactly the usual case we see every episode, and we didn't get to see Booth and Bones go out of the lab to interrogate several people, but I think this episode would be a hard one for people not to like. 

Don't get me wrong, yes, I love all of the crazy cases that Booth and Bones and the rest of the Squints solve, but I just love the relationships between all of the characters and their personal storylines a little bit more.  I mean, come on, how cute was everyone last night?   

So, the episode starts out with a man named Mr. White, who supposedly works for the General Services Administration, coming in to put the Jeffersonian on lockdown.  Along with a group of several other federal agents, Mr. White secures the building and says that no one will be allowed to leave or enter the lab until the cause of death is identified from a set of remains.  However, Mr. White also says that the identity of the victim is not to be determined, and the rest of his agents begin to assemble around the lab so as to make sure that this does not happen.   

Reluctant to begin working on a Friday night and not happy having their every move watched, Dr. Saroyan, Brennan, and Hodgins all slowly get to work.  Angela and Sweets are also in the building, and while Angela waits for something that she can do to help with the case, Sweets calls Booth, who left the building only minutes before it went on lockdown, to let him know what's going on.   

Due to certain anomalies found on the bones and a certain fiber analyzed with the rest of the particulates, Hodgins believes that the remains belong to former president John F. Kennedy.  Dr. Brennan, of course, is not one to jump to conclusions, but even she cannot deny that there are several similarities, and that would most definitely explain the lab lockdown and men watching their every move.    

Now, in regards to the personal problems of the characters, Dr. Saroyan finds a positive home pregnancy test in the bathroom that only she, Dr. Brennan, and Angela use, and she immediately starts freaking out when she remembers that Michelle used that bathroom earlier in the day.  Frantically questioning Dr. Brennan and Angela, it is ultimately Angela that fesses up to it being hers.  After telling Dr. Saroyan, she then tells Hodgins who later tells her that he loves her, that he's her guy, and that he'll do anything to help her out with the baby.  How sweet is that?  I don't know about you, but I think there's definitely still something there between those two.  

Also, disregarding the rules and seemingly unconcerned about his job, Booth breaks into the lab to help "his people."  His boss, Andrew Hacker, later comes in to try to save the day in order to impress Dr. Brennan, but let's face it, she's already taken...well sort of.  Anyway, I have to say that I think this is probably my favorite Booth episode to date.  His Michael Jackson dance moves in the beginning of the episode were priceless, and he takes down three guys with the apparent ease of a ninja when learning that the victim could possibly be JFK and that Brennan needs more time.   

However, Booth is also tested in this episode.  When trying to figure out the cause of death, the Squints discover that there had to have been a second gunman that killed JFK and John Connally, and Booth gets very upset because his strong patriotism makes it hard for him to believe that the government would have lied and covered that fact up for all of those years.   

When Dr. Brennan does not understand why Booth is so upset, Dr. Saroyan reminds her that during Booth's job as a sniper, he killed people because the government told him to and because he was told these were bad people.  In other words, he does not want to believe that the government lied about the Kennedy assassination because then it would mean that they might have lied about the guilt or innocence of the people he was ordered to kill as well.  

Knowing this information, Dr. Brennan does one last test on the bones of the victim by putting them in pudding to see if they float and ultimately decides that the bones were not those of John F. Kennedy.  Although JFK had Scarlet Fever as a child and that would have explained why one of his bones sunk beneath the pudding, Dr. Brennan made her decision so that Booth would be ok.  Dr. Saroyan knows this, and she tells her that she will never forget what she did for him.   

On Angela's end, the pregnancy test turns out to be a false positive, so she can now rest easy and have everything go back to normal.  Yet, she says that she will never forget what Hodgins said to her.  And thus, all is well in the Bones world.   

-Nicole Bessette, BuddyTV Fan Columnist
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