'Bones' Fan Columnist: The Final Showdown
'Bones' Fan Columnist: The Final Showdown
Nicole Bessette
Nicole Bessette
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Wow, Bones fans. What an emotional episode! At this point, I can only seem to wonder: if so many crazy things happened in last night's penultimate episode of Season 6, what's in store for us in next week's season finale?

Now, before I begin, I must warn you that there will be major spoilers below, so if any of you have not yet seen last night's episode, "The Hole in the Heart," in which Booth takes on Broadsky once and for all, definitely be sure and do so before reading this.

Oh, and be sure to have some tissues on hand because you will probably need them. I know I did.

Alright, so everyone ready? We've got a lot to cover, and I'm anxious to hear your thoughts. So, without further ado, let's get recapping!

It's Over

In the beginning of the episode, Brennan says that she's concerned because they haven't had a case in over a week to which Booth promptly reminds her that until Broadsky is caught, it's all him all the time.

Speaking of which, Broadsky was spotted placing flowers on his girlfriend's grave, and with the help of Special Agent Genny Shaw (guest star Tina Majorino), Booth sets off to take him down.

At the graveyard, Broadsky leaves a cell phone for Booth to answer, and when he picks up, Broadsky ominously reminds him that you never see the bullet that takes you down.

Sweets thinks this is Broadsky's way of keeping the lines of communication open, and he surmises that Broadsky most likely had someone helping him, which prompts the FBI to look into possible suspects.

His most likely accomplice is a young man named Matthew Leishenger as it is discovered he made a huge cash withdrawal 48 hours previously, so Booth, Agent Shaw and Sweets go to pay him a visit.

Unfortunately, however, they find Leishenger dead and decomposing when they arrive, and are being watched on camera by Broadsky. Yet, they are able to escape safely back to the Jeffersonian where Cam estimates that Leishenger has been dead for five days as a result of being stabbed right under his chin.

Broadsky obviously killed him to take his weapon, but it is also apparent that he went through his wallet looking for something. Of course, the question remains as to what that object actually was.

Hodgins is able to tell that whatever it was had traces of gold, and after putting the wallet under ultraviolet light, he discovers that there was some rectangular impression left behind.

Angela realizes that this is the impression left behind by an access card, and after talking to Leishenger's boss, Booth learns that it was an access card for the Port of Wilmington.

After checking with the guard at the port, it is confirmed that Broadsky is there, but now they just have to find where.

Well, thanks to some excellent particulate analysis from Hodgins, he should be near some place where they decontaminate produce, and after relaying this information to the guard, Booth learns he should be on-board the Persephone.

When Broadsky sees Booth coming though, he realizes he must change locations, and so, a very intense game of cat and mouse ensues.

Yet, thanks to a very valuable piece of information from Brennan that Broadsky's right hand is broken as a result of beating Matt Leishenger, Booth is able to catch Broadsky knowing that he cannot adapt like he normally would be able to.

He shoots him in the leg, and thus, the Broadsky sniper arc has finally come to a satisfactory end. Way to go, Booth!

Man vs. Dinosaur

Returning Squintern Vincent Nigel-Murray enthusiastically announces that he and Dr. Brennan will be giving a PowerPoint presentation in which, on paper only, they will be doing a bio-mechanical analysis of an arm-wrestling match between a T. rex and a human.

Of course, for Hodgins, this just won't do, so he takes Vincent and his very accurate representation of the bones of a T. rex away from Cam for the real thing.

And so, we get to witness the hilarious arm wrestling battle between man and dinosaur as Vincent looks like he's about to slam Hodgins' arm down but discovers that the T. rex bones won't allow him to do so.

So, Hodgins musters up the strength and finishes the job while Vincent is left to mend his T. rex contraption. Great victory for the human race over the tyrant lizard, Hodgins!

Don't Make Me Leave

Despite the initial comedic elements of this episode that Vincent Nigel-Murray's presence always brings, tragedy struck the Jeffersonian and all of our beloved Bones characters this week as we witnessed his terribly unfortunate and tremendously untimely death.

After finding the cell phone Broadsky left for him at the graveyard, Booth takes it to Angela who tells him that she has an app that will allow him to determine Broadsky's position the next time he calls based on the call tower he is nearest to.

And sure enough, Broadsky does call again, this time with his gun and the bullet he made himself at the ready, prepared to shoot and kill Booth who he assumes will be answering the phone.

Yet, because he wants to use Angela's app to track Broadsky, Booth gives the phone to Vincent and tells him to wait until the fifth ring before he answers it.

Now, because Broadsky is using thermal imaging because he can't see through the glass at the Jeffersonian, he sees a person clutching a phone, and thinking it's Booth, he pulls the trigger.

However, the bullet strikes Vincent Nigel-Murray instead, and as Brennan tells someone to call 911, Booth tries to stop the bleeding.

Yet, blood continues to pool around Vincent, and he looks beseechingly at Brennan repeatedly begging her not to make him go. But as Brennan tells him that he can certainly stay as long as he wants, everyone loves him at the Jeffersonian, and he is her favorite intern, Vincent takes his last breath.

And right after that happened and it cut to commercials, I went to go get some more tissues. Vincent, you were my favorite Squintern, and you will be sorely missed. May you forever rest in peace.  


Vincent's death hit all of our favorite Bones characters extremely hard, and most every one of them had to come to terms with this and grieve in their own way.

I can't imagine what it must have been like for Cam to have been on the phone with Vincent's mom in England and to have told her the news of what happened, and even though she was trying to hide it, you could see that Cam was clearly broken up about it.

Still, she promised that they'd arrange to have him sent home when his body was released so they could have a funeral.

Hodgins and Angela commiserate together when Hodgins reminisces about how, when he and Angela found out that their baby has a 25% chance of being born blind, Vincent gave him a list of other things that have a 1 in 4 chance because he thought statistics could make them feel better.  

They reflect on how sweet and loveable he was, and at that point in time, Hodgins, in regards to finding out what was in Leishenger's wallet, says to Angela, "Bet on it, baby." In other words, he's not going to let Broadsky get away with what he did.

Now, fearing for Brennan's safety, Booth tells her that she's staying at his apartment that night, and without any objections, Brennan says she'll sleep on the couch so that Booth can get a good night's sleep because he needs it to defeat Broadsky.

Later though, at 4:47 in the morning, Brennan goes into Booth's room because she is having a hard time dealing with Vincent's death and needs some comforting. She wonders what kind of person she is because Vincent kept looking at her begging her not to make him leave.

Yet, Booth explains to Brennan that he wasn't really talking to her but rather to the universe because he didn't want to die, and he wasn't ready to go yet. Still, overcome with grief, Brennan and Booth lie down on his bed as he holds her in his arms.

And so, this brings me to my main question that resulted from last night's episode: What exactly happened between Brennan and Booth that night?

Although nothing was ever explicitly stated, I personally believe that the two definitely did something significant, and I think this is evident thanks to all of the revealing facial expressions particularly from Angela but also from Brennan.

For instance, when Angela asks Brennan this very same question, I think the look on her face about says it all. Moreover, at the end, after everyone sings Vincent's favorite song, Brennan grabs Booth's arm, and once again, Angela gives us a sly smile.

What's more, after having re-watched "The End in the Beginning," this past weekend, I noticed a very striking similarity apparent in last night's episode.

When Brennan returns to her apartment and has a "very satisfying go around" with Booth in his coma dream, the clock on the bedside table says 4:47 AM. When she comes into his bedroom in this episode and they lie down on the bed together, the clock also says 4:47 AM.  
Now, given that this is such a precise time, I feel like it can't have been coincidental, so maybe this is another clue as to what happened between Booth and Brennan. Maybe it was a similar situation to "The End in the Beginning." Well, let's hope we'll find out next week!

Also, I just wanted to quickly mention how touching I thought it was when everyone went around to share different random facts that they had learned from Vincent, and also how awesome that one scene was in which they showed each of our beloved Bones characters as possible Broadsky targets.

Next Week's Episode  

Speaking of which, next week's season finale of Bones, "The Change in the Game," features the return of Max Keenan, the long-awaited birth of Baby Hodgela, a murder in a bowling alley, and Booth and Brennan going under cover.

And who knows, maybe this title will also refer to the relationship status of Booth and Brennan. Well, I can hope at least.

For now, watch the promo and please be sure to leave your comments below. I really want to hear your take on all of this!

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