'Bones' Fan Columnist: Love, Lies, and Leprechauns
'Bones' Fan Columnist: Love, Lies, and Leprechauns
Nicole Bessette, our Bones Fan Columnist, recaps last night's episode. If you're interested in becoming a Fan Columnist click here

I am totally still reeling from last night's Bones.  I mean, sure, the murder was just kind of so-so, but man, the Booth and Bones stuff was amazing.  All I have to say is thank goodness for Sweets and Gordon Gordon.  At least they can see that Booth and Bones are totally meant to be together.   

In this particular episode, "The Dwarf in the Dirt," we go back to a lot of stuff that was brought up in the season premiere.  Specifically, back to the after-effects of Booth's coma dream and his newfound love for Dr. Brennan.  And, of course, we get a lovely guest appearance from Stephen Fry, Chef Gordon Gordon Wyatt.  Turns out he hung up his psychiatry profession and traded it in for a fancy coat and oven mitts...who would've thought it?   

I have to say, Booth was pretty grumpy for almost the entire episode.  It was definitely weird to see because he's always so happy-go-lucky.  But who can blame the man?  I mean after forgetting he hated clowns and wore funny socks and then finding out he's no longer the expert marksman he used to be?  Ya, I'd be pretty upset too.   

Obviously concerned, Booth goes to talk to Sweets about this newly discovered problem.  He ends up unintentionally insinuating to Booth that his first priority is the FBI and then Booth's friendship, and this causes Booth to seek help elsewhere.  Thus, he goes to see the beloved Dr. Gordon Wyatt, hoping that he'll be able to help him as much as he did in the past. 

Upon speaking with Angela and learning that her psychic said that Booth and Brennan were "linked in a very profound manner," Gordon Gordon realizes that Booth fell in love with Dr. Brennan during his coma dream.  Furthermore, after consulting with Sweets, he comes to the conclusion that the heart of Booth's problem lies in the fact that he is unable to confront the feelings he has for Dr. Brennan, and it is really this that is affecting his shooting abilities rather than his previous brain condition.   

Contrary to the season premiere where he tells Booth that his love for Bones will eventually just fade away, Sweets finally comes around and admits that Booth and Bones are in love, and that their feelings are real, even if they can't admit it to themselves.  In my eyes, Sweets totally redeemed himself in this episode.  I mean you don't exactly tell Booth and Bones that they are not meant to be together and still be cool in my book. 

 But anyway, one of my favorite parts of this episode comes when Sweets tells Gordon Gordon the changes in Booth since his surgery.  He lists thing such as walking up the stairs leading with a different foot, holding the phone in a different hand, and holding his coffee cup with a different hand.  Who would notice such things?  Why, Dr. Brennan, of course.  As we all know, she can't think of anything she wouldn't do to help him.  Oh, and turns out, she's all about colloquialisms now.  Priceless.  

And now my favorite part: Gordon Gordon's final diagnosis...Booth loves Brennan.  When he tells him this, Booth is obviously unnerved, and he starts making up excuses saying that he and Bones are not compatible.  Preposterous.  Then he says that Bones doesn't love him back, and that he would know if she did.  Such a heartbreaking moment!  But don't fret, my friends, everything is looking extremely promising on the Booth and Bones front.  In fact, Bones goes with him to take his marksmanship test, and Booth passes with flying colors.  Booth's back baby!      

As for the murder part of this episode, the green skeleton of a midget is found in a sink hole along with several gold coins, hence Booth's leprechaun joke.  The skeleton turned green due to the iron oxide in the soil that reacted with the calcium in the bones, and after digging deeper, Booth and Bones find out that their murder victim was a midget wrestler referred to as the "Iron Leprechaun." When they go to investigate, Booth ends up in the ring with the "Iron Leprechaun's" imposter.  Oh, so great.   

After identifying their victim as Bryce DaFonte, Booth and Bones go to question his estranged brother and his sister-in-law.  It just so happens that Bryce was having an affair with his brother's wife, and in an effort to get more money so that he could run away with her and support her, Bryce was stealing gold coins and then turning them in to get "cash for gold." In the classic Cain and Abel way, Bryce's brother knew about his wife's affair and killed his own brother.   

-Nicole Bessette, BuddyTV Fan Columnist
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