'Bones' Fan Columnist: Is There Still Hope For Booth and Bones?
'Bones' Fan Columnist: Is There Still Hope For Booth and Bones?
So it seems that most everyone, including myself, is still in a major panic regarding the end of the 100th episode of Bones, "The Parts in the Sum of the Whole." Yes, Brennan turned down Booth's offer to give their relationship another shot, but this doesn't mean that this is the end. In fact, it's really the beginning.  

Let's think about it this way. Before this episode, Brennan and Booth had never even talked about the possibility that they could have a relationship. I mean, episode after episode it was longing glance after longing glance and cute moment after cute moment, but nothing was ever really concrete.   

We all knew how Booth felt ever since he woke up from his coma dream and realized that he was in love with Brennan, but we never really knew what Bones had going on inside that extremely intelligent head of hers. I mean, I personally assumed it would take years for her to admit to her feelings and then another year to see them get together, but I now have reason to believe the moment we have all been waiting for is just around the corner.   

This 100th episode really was momentous in that it got the ball rolling and set everything in motion. We finally got to see how Brennan feels about Booth, and, as it turns out, she loves him so much that she says she can't be with him because she has to protect him from herself. I mean, it doesn't get much deeper than that folks.   

Now, yes, I will acknowledge that I was struggling with this for several hours after watching this episode, and I couldn't quite figure out why the writers wouldn't have had her jump in and take a chance then. It seemed like the perfect time, didn't it?  I mean, why, after five long years of waiting would we have to wait even longer to see these two finally get together?  For this answer, I go to the lovely Emily Deschanel.   

When asked about the ending of the 100th episode, Deschanel told Michael Ausiello at EW that her character is just primarily afraid of getting hurt. Specifically, she said, "[Brennan] says she doesn't take the leap because she doesn't know how she'll feel in 10 years, but I think she is more scared about not knowing if he'll feel the same in 10 years."   

She continues, "She was abandoned as a child and those issues of abandonment fuel her every decision now. It permeates through every relationship she has. I think she is also scared that she'd lose his friendship and partnership at work -- even though she does not say that. I think at some point -- maybe in season 6 -- she will just let go and fall." 

Just wait.  It gets even better.   

Series creator Hart Hanson insisted, "We aren't nervous about making them a couple, but we want it to play out in a way that is realistic for these two and that will make fans happy. Everybody always mentions Moonlighting, but that honestly never comes up in our discussions on how to deal with them."  

So, my friends, I take this to mean that we have nothing to worry about. Booth and Bones will get together!  The writers are just going to make sure that when they do, the timing will be right for both characters.   

So, you may ask when in the world this will ever be. Well, we know on the April 22 episode of Bones, "The Predator in the Pool," Rena Sofer guest stars as a potential love interest for Booth.  I'm thinking a little jealousy is always good to get people moving in the right direction, don't you?   

Also, I've heard that Brennan is going to be influenced by the relationships of those around her. Maybe Sweets' and Daisy's wedding will show Bones what she's missing?  Keep your fingers crossed everyone ... 

But now, the really juicy news comes in regards to the season finale. Emily Deschanel continued to tell EW that this episode will feature a "big turning point for her and Booth," and Hanson added that the episode will, "add some more pieces to the Booth Brennan puzzle..."   

Furthermore, David Boreanaz said, "There'll be a big shift, not only for [Booth and Bones] but with everybody.  We shot the last scene last week, and it was very moving. It was hard to get through, but I think that it's going to elevate these characters even more so for the next seasons to come."  

So, my friends, I really don't think there's anything to worry about.  Yes, we will probably have to suffer for a little bit longer, but I'm really feeling like Season 6 is going to be our year.  And hey, after Season 6, it's looking like there will be a Season 7!  Reason to celebrate?  I think so.   

Do you feel better now?  What do you think about the comments Emily, David, and Hart have made?  Is there hope for Booth and Bones?  Leave a comment below! 

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-Nicole Bessette, BuddyTV Fan Columnist