'Bones' Fan Columnist: Heartwarming and heart-wrenching ... Hart, why?
'Bones' Fan Columnist: Heartwarming and heart-wrenching ... Hart, why?
OK , so I am totally still reeling from last night's completely amazing 100th episode of Bones, "The Parts in the Sum of the Whole."  As much as the wait killed me, I have to say that it was definitely worth it.  Hands down, my favorite Bones episode to date!  

As I'm sure you all knew, this episode was a flashback episode about Booth and Bones' first case they ever worked on together.  Fabulously directed by the incredible David Boreanaz, the episode featured the return of Eric Millegan as Zack Addy and Patricia Belcher as Caroline Julian, two faces we haven't seen in a very long time.  

I would just like to take a moment to point out, by the way, that everyone's acting last night, particularly Emily's and David's, was phenomenal.  I mean, Wow.  That last scene?  What a tearjerker, huh?  But, alas!  I am getting ahead of myself.  Let me start from the beginning.  

Booth and Bones, in the present day, go to approach Sweets about an error in his book. While Booth thinks they are going to talk to him about his conclusion that he and Bones are in love, Brennan would like to correct him on the fact that the first case she and Booth ever worked together was not the murder of pregnant congressional intern, Cleo Eller.  It was another case entirely.   

Once in Sweets' office, Booth and Bones begin to tell him their story.  Flashback to a year before the pilot, and what do we see?  Well, first off, a Booth that follows FBI regulations. Strange, right?  Turns out that a case that Booth could never truly put to rest dealing with the murder of a girl named Gemma Arrington has come back to pay him a little visit.  

Upon the insistence of Cam, Booth goes to enlist the help of Dr. Temperance Brennan from the Jeffersonian Institution.  He needs her help to get some substantial evidence that will help him put away a high-profile suspect.  Now, might I just say, mad props to Cam who really was a catalyst to these two getting together.   

Finding Dr. Brennan giving a lecture at American University, the two hit it off immediately, and Brennan rather uncharacteristically agrees to help him.  She even lets him call her Bones.  Since Booth believes a federal judge named Myles Hasty is the murderer, he and Bones go to question him.  When he is unbelievably rude to Dr. Brennan, she show's him who's boss and punches him twice in the face.  People really should learn not to mess with her.      

Although Booth thinks what Brennan did was hot, he is ordered by Caroline to fire her.  To help ease this process, he takes her out for some drinks, and let's just say this brings us to my favorite part of the episode: a wonderfully satisfying Booth and Bones kiss.  According to Bones, there was even tongue contact!   

Booth confesses that he has a gambling problem to Brennan, and all seems right in the Bones universe.  I mean, they even talk about sleeping together and the potential of their relationship going somewhere.  This is for sure not the present-day Booth and Bones we know.     

Unfortunately, however, I guess all good things must come to an end ... for Booth and Bones that is.  As for the case, Zack, Hodgins, and Angela have managed to discern that the fatal blow to Gemma's skull which killed her was delivered by the smashing of the lid of a trunk.  All that's left to do is find DNA evidence in Judge Hasty's car. 

Due to one of the ear bones of Gemma that was found in the car, Booth is finally able to arrest Judge Hasty, but that still leaves the question of motive on the table.  Thanks to Bones, Booth discovers that Gemma caught the judge taking some drugs, and, as this would have surely ruined his career, he killed her.  Case closed.   

Satisfying ending to the case?  I think not.  Yes, the murderer got what he deserved, but Booth and Bones' relationship definitely took a turn for the worse.  Brennan gets annoyed with Booth thinking he had gotten her drunk just to have sex with her, and when Booth replies that the alcohol was purely to ease having to fire her, the two begin to argue.  Ultimately, things escalate, Booth declares that Brennan needs to learn how to talk to human beings, Brennan says she hates him, and the two can't be in the same room together again for a year.   

Now, we're back in the present.  Booth and Brennan have finished talking to Sweets and decide to go get some dinner.  And cue the most heartbreaking scene I've ever watched.  Booth wants to take a gamble with Brennan, declaring that he always knew they were meant to be together forever, but Brennan says she can't.  She's a scientist and can't change.  Even if she wanted to, she wouldn't know how.  Therefore, Booth says he has to move on to find someone that will love him.  And, there we have it. My heart is officially broken.  

So, taking a little break from the Booth and Bones drama so that I can keep myself from crying, I do have to say that it was so great seeing Zack again, and he and Hodgins were absolutely hilarious together.  Hodgins has anger management?  Who knew!   

Also, it was great to see Angela before she came to the Jeffersonian, and I was really happy that the writers made sure to write in Caroline and Cam into the episode even though they didn't come into the show until later.  Still, at the same time, I did feel kind of bad for Sweets in that everything he wrote in his book was just completely wrong.  

So, that about sums up the 100th episode of Bones.  I have to say that it was really hard for me to write this given the absolutely insane emotional state I was in after watching this episode.  What did you think?  Did you just about have an emotional breakdown like me?  Leave a comment below!  

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-Nicole Bessette, BuddyTV Fan Columnist