'Bones' Fan Columnist: Half Man, Half Chicken Recap
'Bones' Fan Columnist: Half Man, Half Chicken Recap
Nicole Bessette, our Bones Fan Columnist, Recaps "The Tough Man in the Tender Chicken". We look forward to her weekly show recaps and thoughts. If you're interested in becoming a Fan Columnist click here

I think I speak for all of us when I say that I was completely ecstatic that Bones returned last night.  And might I just say, I really enjoyed this episode.  Pigs, chickens, thumbs in chicken nuggets, fights, and relationships discovered. Yup, sounds like another day at the Jeffersonian. 

In "The Tough Man in the Tender Chicken," a body is discovered along the banks of the Savage River.  Thanks to the Woodchucks, a group of "scientific girl scouts" who absolutely idolize Dr. Brennan, the body was delivered to the Jeffersonian along with water samples, digital photographs of the area, soil samples, and even plants and insects.  Looks like these girls really knew their stuff. 

 When examining the body, Dr. Saroyan and Wendell notice that the victim took a pretty severe blow to the head, and they also realize he is missing his fingertips.  Thus, Wendell and Hodgins go out looking for the missing fingertips that the Woodchucks might have missed, and, of course, they get into a pretty heated nerd-on-nerd debate.  

Wendell thinks that the large amount of hydrogen sulfide they found on the victim's body means that the killer tried to put him in suspended animation.  Hodgins, on the other hand, sticks to his conspiracy theories and says that this is an ultra-secret military experiment.  Regardless of who's right, Wendell calls Booth to tell him the news.

When Booth arrives at the Jeffersonian, Angela shows him the facial reconstruction she did of the victim.  Basically, Booth and Bones are trying to identify someone who is half man, half chicken. Can you say weird?  But thanks to the facial reconstruction, Booth and Bones are able to identify the victim as Nick Rabin, head of personnel at Cluckston Farms.  Looks like Booth and Bones are headed to a chicken farm to do some questioning.

Upon arriving at the farm, Booth and Bones encounter several protestors chanting, "Cluck you!"  With so many angry people, Booth and Bones definitely are not short on possible suspects. Their first one?  Josh Parsons, one of the leaders of the protestors of Cluckston Farms who snuck in illegally to take some footage of how badly the chickens were being treated and then posted it on the Internet. Oh ya, and the reason the victim looked like a chicken?  Turns out large amounts of hydrogen sulfide over a long period of time can deform the sinuses...I'll say.

After questioning Josh, Booth is able to get the raw footage he used for his video, and he gives it to Angela to analyze.  When she traces the serial number, she finds out that the camera belonged to Nick Rabin's wife.  Moreover, because Angela watched Josh's video, she becomes very emotional, and she asks Brennan for $1500 to help her save a pig.  Brennan obviously thinks this is irrational, and Angela then questions why she and Brennan are even friends. 

When talking about this and the case later on with Booth and Sweets over lunch, Bones remembers a case of body parts that showed up in chicken nuggets at Bok Bok's Chicken Hut, and she is almost positive that these body parts will be the fingers that were missing from Nick Sabin's body.  The best part of this whole scene though?  Some majorly cute Booth and Bones moments as Booth tries to comfort Brennan.  Booth says he would do anything for Brennan including dying for her, and there is even some hand holding.  In other romantic moments, Wendell contributes to Angela's pig fund, and the two begin to make out in Angela's office.

But back to the case.  Thanks to work done by Hodgins, Angela, and Wendell, Dr. Brennan is able to discover the murder weapon: the chicken plucker machine.  Upon further examination, blood is found on the machine, and Dr. Brennan even finds a piece of Nick's tie.  According to her theory, the murderer and the victim fought, and Nick's tie ended up getting caught in the plucker machine.  

While Booth and Dr. Saroyan think this was an accident, Brennan thinks otherwise, and she suggests looking at x-rays of employees at Cluckston Farms to see if any of them were treated for a broken hand.

Sure enough, this leads them to the killer: the head of security at Cluckston Farms.  This man was angry with Nick because he would not give him a gas allowance even though he drove 68 miles to and from work every day, and they got into a fight.  A pretty adept liar, this man is able to convince Booth that it was just an accident, but using evidence from the x-rays of his hand, Dr. Brennan is able to prove that Nick Sabin was pushed into the plucker machine, and the case is then closed.

To celebrate, the entire Jeffersonian gang goes to the Founding Fathers Bar and Grill.  Here, Brennan and Angela make up, and Booth expresses his concern that he is not as good at judging and reading people as he was before his brain surgery.  

Now my favorite part of the episode: Booth notices that there is something going on between Angela and Wendell, and although he does not tell this to Bones, she can tell he picked up on something, and she tells him he's still got it.  When Booth asks Bones if she wants to know what he saw, she smiles and simply says that she trusts him.  Then the two toast, gaze longingly into one another's eyes, and smile coyly at each other.  What a great moment!     

-Nicole Bessette, BuddyTV Fan Columnist

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