'Bones' Fan Columnist: Bones Never Lie
'Bones' Fan Columnist: Bones Never Lie
Nicole Bessette
Nicole Bessette
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Hey, Bones fans! Since we are all most likely saddened at the fact that this season is coming to a close which means a long summer without our favorite show, I come bearing good news.

In case you haven't heard, Bones has officially been renewed by FOX for a seventh season, meaning that in the fall, we will be seeing all of our favorite characters once again. So, congratulations to everyone at Bones on this tremendous accomplishment!

But back to season 6 for the present.

Last night's episode, "The Signs in the Silence," was a rare and emotional one for Booth, Brennan and all the Squints as they worked to figure out if a deaf and mute teenager, whom they find covered and blood and holding a knife, committed a recent murder.

Sounds pretty intriguing, right? Well, what are you waiting for? Read on to find out more.

Living Proof

A girl is found in an alley covered in blood with a knife in her hand, so naturally, she is taken back to the Jeffersonian. It is assumed that this girl killed someone, but since there is no body to be found, the girl, and the blood and particulates she is covered in, become the evidence.

Unfortunately, however, getting these particulates and taking things like X-rays in order to find out her identity prove rather difficult in that the girl is deaf and mute and keeps lashing out because she is afraid.

Eventually, however, Brennan surmises that she is between 13 and 17 years old, and after analyzing her signing for dialect patterns, they learn that she is from a very small town in Pennsylvania called Crossroads.

Based on a receipt from a hardware store that the girl had with her, Booth locates her parents, Mike and Denise Shenfield, and learns that the girl's name is Amy, and she is fifteen.

Moreover, based on $20 bills that were found where they found Amy, they are able to identify the person she murdered as a man named Duvall Price with a little help from some ATM video cameras.

Still, it is strange that Amy's parents didn't freak out more at the fact that their daughter was missing, and even though they claim that she ran away a lot, Amy's X-rays reveal a more sobering truth: ever since she was 3 years old, she was essentially used as a punching bag.

What's more, these parents definitely deserve the worst parents ever award in that Duvall Price was an old friend of Amy's father and was asked by him to kidnap her in order to keep her from revealing the truth of what they had been doing to her.

So, Duvall followed Amy off of the bus and then grabbed her and took her back to his apartment. He was going to tie her up and hit her, but in an act of self-defense, Amy grabbed the knife she was found with and stabbed him.

But wait, there's more. Mike and Denise Shenfield are not Amy's real parents. They kidnapped her when she was 3 years old.

Now, after doing extensive testing for regional isotopes in one of Amy's wisdom teeth, Booth and Brennan find out that she is actually from California, and her real name is Samantha Winslow.

In the end, she is reunited with her real parents, and all is once again right in the Bones world.

Minor Conflicts Arise

Having both experienced the horrors of foster care firsthand and what it's like to be mistreated, this particular case brought back a lot of unpleasant feelings for both Sweets and Brennan.

Initially, however, Sweets is angered over the fact that it doesn't seem like Brennan cares about Amy's motive for doing what she did and is bothered about how particularly emotionally detached she is being.

Yet, Brennan takes offense to this and challenges back that in this case, the motive is crucial, and she is going to figure out what it is no matter if Amy tells them or not.

Sweets is subsequently surprised by this determination, and of course, since he feels bad for assuming the worst in Brennan, he apologizes to her.

Still, Brennan is struck at what a low opinion of her he seems to have, and she contends that she's really not as cold as everyone assumes.

What's more, when returning Squintern Arastoo Vaziri expresses a similar sentiment, Brennan insists that if she knew how to convey what she was feeling, she most definitely would. We believe you, Brennan!

False Alarm

Throughout this episode, Angela finds herself having some contractions, but because she still has about another month before the baby is supposed to be due, she shrugs them off and tries not to worry Hodgins, knowing how important the work he's doing on the case is.

Brennan witnesses one of these contractions though and tells Cam about it, and Cam, thinking that Hodgins already knows, spills the beans while commending him for his dedication to his work despite what's going on with Angela.

Of course, this sends him running straight to Angela who promises to tell him the next time it happens. Yet, it turns out that this wait is not very long in that shortly after, Angela experiences another contraction which sends Hodgins into major freak-out mode as he repetitively shouts "Baby!" and frantically searches for his car keys to drive her to the hospital.

Despite all this panicking, though, it turns out it was only false labor, and so, quite relieved, Angela agrees with Hodgins that this was a good "dry run" for them, and she hopes that next time, he won't tell the nurse to boil water. Oh, Hodgins!

But more than anything, Angela confesses to being so excited for the baby to come, and she and Hodgins both express how much they cannot wait for the real thing. Well, neither can we!

This is Personal

Any episode that shows Brennan's outstanding character development is one that I thoroughly enjoy, and this week's episode was certainly no exception. Sure, at first it might have seemed like all she was focused on was procuring evidence and data samples, but as the episode progressed, we saw a real personal investment into Amy's case from Brennan and true sympathy for her plight.

It's true when Brennan says to Amy that she knows what she's been through, and it's clear that she still carries this pain around with her. Yet, at the same time, she has found peace by reflecting on happy memories, and this is just what she encourages Amy to do.

For instance, I absolutely loved when Brennan revealed that one of the images she often sees that won't go away is one of her in her mother's lap having a picnic on the beach and eating a big piece of chocolate cake. It is evident that Brennan finds solace in this memory, and I so enjoyed seeing this more emotional and reflective side to her. This episode showed just how far she's come, and it proved, to me at least, that she is ready to be with Booth.

Speaking of Booth, I think that what he said at the end of the episode was very admirable in that, even though he knows what it's like to be an abused child, he should never have hit Mike Shenfield and have lost control like he did.

Specifically, that's a side of him that he never wants Parker to see, and he therefore doesn't take pride in what he did. He knows he has to do better for his son, which prompts Brennan to say just how lucky Parker is to have a father like him.

I don't know about you, but it's scenes like these that make me want them to officially get together in the worst way.

Oh, and by the way, how awesome was it to see Caroline again? I just love her!

Next Week's Episode

The sniper arc with Jacob Broadsky concludes in next week's episode, "The Hole in the Heart," as the final face-off between Booth and Broadsky takes center stage.

Check out the amazing promo below, and of course, leave your thoughts about this episode in the comments below!

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