'Bones' Fan Columnist: Bones Hits Up the Jersey Shore
'Bones' Fan Columnist: Bones Hits Up the Jersey Shore
Nicole Bessette
Nicole Bessette
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
OK, Bones fans. I have to say that this week's episode, "The Maggots in the Meathead," was one of the best I've seen in awhile, and it has definitely been added to my list of favorites.  

The best part of this week's episode? Dr. Temperance Brennan, ladies and gentleman. Mad props to Emily Deschanel for doing such a great job this week, and I'd also like to say a special thanks to the Bones writers for giving us such a great episode. Well done everyone!

The Case

The body of a member of the "Guido tribe," as Dr. Brennan calls them, is unearthed at the Jersey Shore and is identified as Richard Genaro, more commonly known as "Richie the V" by all his friends.  

After much analysis and work by the Squints and returning yet still seriously depressed intern, Fisher, it is discovered that Richie was killed by being struck twice on the head with a cement, cylindrical object covered in plastic, was frozen on ice for two days, and then was buried back at the beach.

Speaking of ice, the ice delivery guy, Clinton, who delivered ice to the club Richie and his friends always went to, had a real problem with Richie's roommate because he was always stealing his ice and messing around.   

So, in order to get revenge, Clinton hit Richie over the head twice with the instrument he used to crush the ice, killing him almost instantly. The problem?  Richie and his roommate had worn the exact same shirt that night, so Clinton thought he was killing Richie's roommate, but he accidentally killed Richie instead. Oops!  

"You're pregnant!"

Alright guys, it's official. We now have three more people who know about Angela's pregnancy. The always loveable Cam, who really was so sweet in this episode trying to comfort Fisher in the midst of his depression, discovers the truth first, and her absolute joy over the news is so cute to see. It's like the Squints, and really the Bones cast, is one big happy family!
Oh, and the other people to know? Booth and Hannah, and they were told by Angela on one condition: Booth has to act surprised when Hodgins finally makes the big announcement.  

The Shore

Oh, my friends, I can't even begin to describe how amazing Brennan was in this episode.  First of all, I still cannot get over how she thought an episode of the Jersey Shore was a documentary about guidos, and I absolutely love how she referred to their "dance rituals" and "ornate costumes." So Brennan!

Also, the fact that she "guy hugged" everyone she met and said, "'Sup? Yo!" is absolutely priceless. However, I think my favorite "Brennan in the vernacular" moment from this episode would have to have been when she "threw the crab" at the club in order to intimidate Richie's roommate into submission. My stomach still hurts from laughing so hard!

Booth and Hannah Move In

As if the scene of the two of them in bed together at the beginning of the episode wasn't enough, we now have Booth and Hannah moving in together. Now, if you remember, I thanked the Bones writers earlier for such a great Brennan episode, but I'm not exactly jumping for joy over this. I mean, we're only three episodes in, and every episode, Booth and Hannah reach new levels in their relationship. At this rate, what's next?    

My poor heart can't take much more of this! When Hannah went to Brennan and asked her what she should get Booth for a housewarming gift, I almost wanted to cry. The fact that Brennan knew that Booth always wanted a rotary phone and how much one would mean to him just proved to me how much they are meant to be together.  

And don't even get me started on when she told Hannah to be careful with Booth and his heart. I mean, it's so obvious that Brennan loves Booth that I almost can't even take it, and it's moments such as these that make it hard for me to be patient for the two of them to finally get together.  

The Looks

They're back, everyone! Well, we've definitely been getting some good ones from Brennan for awhile now, but we finally had Booth and Brennan share one at the end of this episode. And, by the way, how heartbreaking was that?  

It was Brennan's idea to get the rotary phone, and when Booth said thank you, she and Hannah both replied, "You're welcome," and the look on Brennan's face just said it all. To me, she now realizes that she has made a mistake and wants to be with Booth, and even if she won't fully admit it to herself yet, it's totally there. And I'm for sure pulling for you, Brennan! Go get your man, girl! Now, who's with me?

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