'Bones' Executive Producer Talks about Booth's Brother
'Bones' Executive Producer Talks about Booth's Brother
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
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This is it.  The long wait is finally over.  After weeks of Bones-less Wednesday nights, the FOX series will be back with an episode tonight. Booth suspects that something is wrong when a corpse is found inside a crushed car in an art gallery.  He senses a cover-up.  Meanwhile, the assistant of the artist said she remembers him saying he is depressed and wants to be part of the exhibit himself.  They start wondering if the corpse could be him.

While prepping up for tonight's new episode, Bones executive producer Hart Hanson gives us some insights on some very delectable news we shared weeks ago – that of Roswell star Brendan Fehr joining the cast on next week's episode as Jared Booth, the brother of Seeley (David Boreanaz).  Previously, we reported that this Jared character will cause some obstacle to the highly anticipated Bones-Booth hook-up.  Hanson gives us some hints on how the November 12th (next week) episode will shape up.

Small spoilers ahead

“I think it's okay to say that what we find out in the November 12th episode is that Booth's childhood was very tough.  It was very tough and it's hard even for him to say it or admit it to anyone.  The story with Jared makes them both confront what happened in their past.”

Hanson also says that Booth had a rather murky relationship with his dad, in contrast to his granddad whom he shared very good ties with.  “I will tell you that soon we see Booth's apartment and there's the wreckage or part of the wreckage of Booth's grandfather's jet - he was a jet fighter, a fighter pilot - in there as kind of an homage to his grandfather.”

Now regarding the casting of Fehr, Hanson said that casting the Samurai Girl star was a no-brainer at all.

“We needed somebody that we thought the character of Booth would care about deeply, but had a dark side and bore at least some physical resemblance to him…  I said while we were doing it, “Oh, that's it. I'm not casting any more family members. It's too difficult” and then in came Brendan who I knew from Roswell.”

-Glenn L. Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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