'Bones' Episode 9.02 Preview: Someone from the Jeffersonian Team Goes to Jail
'Bones' Episode 9.02 Preview: Someone from the Jeffersonian Team Goes to Jail
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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Monday's all-new episode of Bones titled "The Cheat in the Retreat," might center around Brennan and Booth's latest undercover adventure, but a side storyline involves one main character who lands in jail! What's exactly going on? Check out three clips below to get a better idea.

Who's In Jail?

Booth, Brennan and Hodgins are at the scene of a dead body in this first clip, trying to figure out details about the death. And someone from the Jeffersonian team is in jail? Check it out below:

Not only has a body been dumped in a dumpster, but a friendly neighborhood bobcat tore it apart and marked its feeding area with urine and feces. But this all happened after the body had already been dead and dumped.

Grossed out yet? That's not the half of it. As Hodgins is saying that bobcats often carry their food into trees to consume it, he goes up to look at the closest tree. And sure enough, there's what looks to be the head. And plop! Down falls a good chunk of feces right on Hodgins' nose.

"It's your lucky day, bug boy," Booth tells him almost giddily.

But the biggest thing I took away from this clip is that Cam's in prison for check fraud?! Even though Brennan points out that of course Cam has the capability of committing check fraud -- the likelihood that she it's a misunderstanding or she's someone has stolen her identity or something like that makes much more sense.

Cam Returns

In this next clip, we get an explanation on what happened to Cam, but first, her ID card doesn't seem to be working. Take a look:

Back at the Jeffersonian, Cam can't access her credit cards, bank accounts -- her online stock market account? No, Cam doesn't trade stocks, but whoever stole her identity is doing just that.

The worst part is, it's still happening and will continue to happen until they catch whoever did it. I know Booth's busy with the latest case, but hopefully he's making time for Cam's case as well.

Going Undercover

In order to track down witnesses, Booth realizes in this final preview clip that he has to infiltrate Indian tribal grounds, which he can't do in normal circumstances because it would take forever for the FBI to get permission. See it below:

I love when they go undercover! And who doesn't love this playful and hilarious moment between them as they practice their accents for their new identities?

Bones airs Mondays at 8pm on FOX.

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