'Bones' Episode 8.5 Videos: Sweets Moves in for 'The Method in the Madness'
'Bones' Episode 8.5 Videos: Sweets Moves in for 'The Method in the Madness'
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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Yes, Sweets is going to be the newest resident of the Booth-Brennan household. Heartbroken and purposeless without his Daisy, Sweets needs a good home. For how long? And how will that work? These four videos from "The Method in the Madness" give us some clue.

Oh, and there's a murder too.

WARNING: There are Bones season 8 spoilers in these videos. Also, there are a lot of disgusting things. But this is an article about Bones, so you should probably expect both. That's just what happens.

The first of the Bones videos from "The Method in the Madness," shows Booth and Brennan at the crime scene, talking about Sweets coming to stay with them for a couple of days.

  • Brennan doesn't seem so sure about this arrangement.
  • Granted, she does understand the need to be Sweets' village in this difficult time.
  • "It takes a village, Booth. I learned that living in a village."
  • Booth is really quite adamant that Sweets will be moving out again in a matter of days.

Is Booth right? Check out what Bones executive producers Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan had to say about how long Sweets will be staying

The second video gives us our first view of Sweets hanging out at the Booth-Brennan home.

So it seems that Booth is the one most interested in getting Sweets out of the house as quickly as possible. Interesting... Of course, considering that Sweets has already begun to talk endlessly about records and psychoanalyze Booth's undergarments, this makes sense.

The third video takes place at the Jeffersonian. The various squints are dealing with body parts and predictions about the Sweets moves.

  • Angela doesn't want to spend her day photographing flayed facial tissue? What's wrong with her?
  • She actually seems pretty disgruntled in this one. Is Angela feeling like she needs to move on from the Jeffersonian?
  • It's always amusing when Cam, while still remaining businesslike, joins in on the insanity of her workplace.
  • Why isn't there a box for infinity? That should be a viable option.

In the final video from "The Method in the Madness," Booth and Brennan interrogate a butcher who may be connected to the murder.

The murder victim's name is Jessica Pearson? The Suits fan in me finds that very amusing. Also, never insult a butcher practicing his craft. It's not wise to insult a man with so many knives.

How long do you think Sweets will live with Booth and Brennan? Do you think the living arrangements will work out? Just how gross can Bones bodies be? Leave your comments below and make sure to watch "The Method in the Madness" on Monday, November 5 at 8pm on FOX.

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