'Bones' Episode 8.4 Videos: Bones for President in 'The Tiger in the Tale'
'Bones' Episode 8.4 Videos: Bones for President in 'The Tiger in the Tale'
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Could Brennan run for President? What could exotic animals possibly have to do with this? The upcoming Bones episode, "The Tiger in the Tale," has the answers. And you can get a few hints right now with these five videos.

The first of these Bones videos is a promo for the upcoming episode, "The Tiger in the Tale."

Brennan has a very good point about being able to run for President if Donald Trump is even thinking about it. And why can't she? Seriously? I mean, she does have logic on her side: "Bears are not for families!"

The second of the Bones videos shows another pleasant morning in the Booth-Brennan household (apparently they have fully worked out the who-cooks- breakfast issue):

  • If newspapers started printing an "Everything Is Horrible" section, would that increase or decrease sales?
  • The country might actually be in better shape if more pro/con lists were used.
  • Notice the pumpkin gourd on the table? They knew this would be an October episode, obviously.
  • In a choice between a former fugitive and Donald Trump, I know who I would pick. Every time.
  • Booth really shouldn't be so dismissive of this. It kind of makes him sound like a jerk.

The third Bones video takes place in the car. Brennan and Booth are having a bit of a disagreement with regard to animals.

Brennan has an excellent point about people trying to avoid exotic animals in their natural environment. This is very true. Seriously, just go to Africa some time and ask the average person about whether or not it's a good idea to be anywhere around an elephant. They're not fans.

I also agree with Brennan about zoos. Never liked those places. (Yes, I know there is an animal-conservation argument in their favor.)

Gretzky is a good name for a dog.

The next video seems to be at the murder scene. Cars have run off the road -- and apparently right into some decomposing bodies. Talk about adding insult to injury...

Car accidents are kind of traumatic. Now add in getting sprayed in the face by decaying human remains. Oh yeah -- this is a Bones to watch while eating dinner.
Also... bug rapture!!!

The final Bones video deals with the identification of the victim.

  • It sounds like the murder victim was having a bad time even before he got killed. That really sucks.
  • As a highly educated person who ended up unemployed for 18 months in recent years, I can sympathize with people desperate to pick up trash. Stupid economy...
  • It's telling that everyone but Booth thinks Brennan should run for President.
  • "Bones for President" is an excellent bumper sticker.
  • Hmmm... There was a restraining order filed against the victim.

"The Tiger in the Tale" airs on Monday, October 8 at 8pm on FOX.

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