'Bones' Teaser: 7 Cryptic Teases About 'The Life in the Light'
'Bones' Teaser: 7 Cryptic Teases About 'The Life in the Light'
Catherine Cabanela
Catherine Cabanela
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Bones' penultimate episode, "The Light in the Life" is just hours away, so what can I share with you that hasn't already been spilled by FOX themselves or other media outlets? Well, there's something here to tickle the amygdala of both the fully-spoiled and the spoiler-free crowds who rely on my very cryptic clues to get through the final hours of Bones day.

When we last saw Brennan, Booth and The Avengers, there was a lot going on, and a lot of ground yet to cover before the end of Bones tenth season. A residue of anxiety colored the interactions between just about everyone in "The Woman in the Whirlpool" as Brennan and Booth remained de-coupled, Booth was still floating down Denial River until the final scene, and Hodgins and Angela were getting pie-eyed over Parisian flats. Without further ado, let's hit it, Bones fans!

#7 The Victim Has A Super Cool 'Prosthetic'

It's not actually a prosthetic, but it is a part of his body and does function on behalf of a missing part, a rather crucial one. As a matter of fact, Angela calls the guy a Cyborg. However, this particular physical adornment is rather crude and would probable send small children running to hide between their mothers' legs. I'm so jazzed about it that I've included a picture of it in my post-episode recap. 

#6 The Eclectic Population to Which the Victim Belongs is a Temperance Brennan Specialty

Kathy Reichs readers will understand this tease better than those non-Reichs readers because literary Tempe deals with this population throughout her series. They are quite an interesting group, with one caveat. Though they might be interesting to study, you would probably not want to have them over for dinner where young ears are present. They are quite a colorful group. 

#5 Brennan Gets Confrontational with a Colleague

The forensic anthropologist has had about as much irritation as she can take while examining the victim's remains. Our Brennan is no wilting flower and confronts a fellow character with whom she is rarely, if ever, frustrated. You will be somewhat surprised, but proud of her. This character has it coming, by the way.

#4 The Meaning Behind 'The Life in the Light'

See if you can figure out the meaning behind the title of this episode. You may have to do some research, but I have faith in the uber fans to get this right. Share that meaning below.

#3 Michael Staccato Vincent Hodgins Has Nothing on Angela and Her Real Name

Angela's dad came up with the name "Stacatto Mamba" for Michael Vincent. Upon her birth Angela was given an equally bizarre name by the same man. Yes, Angela Montenegro Hodgins' real name is finally revealed and it's a whopper. No wonder she's been tight-lipped for over a decade about it. This name was very important to her father, so she has never officially changed it. It is a pretty silly name, folks, as crazy as the name he chose for Angela and Hodgins' son. Now there's a whole new mystery: what, in god's name, made this name so special to Daddy ZZ?

#2 Hodgins Surprises Angela with a Dramatic Gesture

He may be a brilliant entomologist, botanist, and mineralogist, but Hodgins sometimes can't figure out what his wife wants. How many proposals did he have to come up with before he got it right in "The Glowing Bones in the Old Stone House" when he spelled out "Be my love" in fluoresced shrimp? Remember those gaudy emerald earrings he wanted to give her in "The Bikini in the Soup?" Eventually he got it right by giving her Angelicus Montenegris, a hybrid slime mold that smells like roses which he invented just for her. This time, Hodgins makes a gesture, but is it a good one? It may take a while for him to figure out his wife on this one. 

#1 Booth Makes a Request and Gets More Than He Asks For

I can't tell you much more about this one, folks, other than that Brennan and Booth discuss the impact Booth's gambling has had on Christine. Booth makes efforts to spend time with Christine, but both parents are embarrassed by some of their daughter's questions.

The Finale Is Imminent

Will those miracle-working Bones Fairies be able to sew up a decade of love and loyalty to their own satisfaction and to the satisfaction of their ardent fans with these final two episodes? Probably not. Not because they won't try, but because the true artist is never satisfied. As for us viewers, we all want different things from our entertainment, so it is impossible to please all viewers as well. 

While researching Bones writer Kerry Reichs for our interview last month, I came across a quote in one of her novels which succinctly expresses something we should all keep in mind when approaching our own creations as well as those of others (including our favorite ships): "It's a truth that your creation will never match the vision in your mind. It's hard to accept falling short, but you'll go crazy if you don't."

Having previewed both "The Life in the Light" and the finale, "The End in the End," I can tell you that I enjoyed "The Life in the Light" much more than the final curtain, but that's for my own reasons. The majority of fans will be delighted with the penultimate episode. The finale? Per usual, it will cause a sh*t storm, but one not nearly as traumatic as the last nine. 

Bones airs Thursdays at 8pm on FOX. 

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