Bones: A Leaky Pipe and A Little Memory Loss Lead to Pretty Sexual Scene
Bones: A Leaky Pipe and A Little Memory Loss Lead to Pretty Sexual Scene
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
Sometimes, it takes a dead body, a bunch of creepy cats and a leaky water pipe to bring two people closer. Last night's episode of Bones didn't have the same intensity as the season opener but it did have a complicated murder mystery and several moments that probably satisfied your appetite for some Booth and Brennan closeness.

So what's the juiciest part? Evidently Booth lost his home improvement skills while in a coma so he doesn't know how to fix his leaky pipe. Too bad because he can't afford to fix it either. Brennan, who got a fat check, not to mention a Rolex, from her publisher, offers to pay for the pipe's $800 repair but Booth, as you would have thought, doesn't want to take her money. And it all leads to Booth dwelling on the fact that Brennan makes more money than he does.

Thanks to Sweet's suggestion, Booth allows Brennan to teach her about plumbing to resolve the whole income disparity issue, which leads to an adorable conversation and some touching.  

"You know, Bones, I'm glad we don't have any secrets between each other," Booth tells Brenna, conveniently forgetting how he struggled with his feelings in last week's season opener. "I mean, if we have something on our mind, we just share it."

Booth should have followed his own advice! On the other hand, Brennan seems to like what Booth said, adding, "True. Even with all of the financial and intellectual contradictions, I...still feel close to you."

"Right, because none of that matters anyway," Booth says.

And Brennan replies, "Sometimes, looking at it through your eyes, I believe that."

Of course, the moment becomes even sweeter as Booth puts his hand over hers on a pipe. They even embrace for a minute. The repair, however, doesn't work so we fade out with the pipe bursting and Brennan complaining about her watch getting wet.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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