'Bones': 8 Times Someone Got Something Wrong in the Season 12 Premiere
'Bones': 8 Times Someone Got Something Wrong in the Season 12 Premiere
Meredith Jacobs
Meredith Jacobs
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Bones kicked off its final season with "The Hope in the Horror," which picked up where last season left off: Zack kidnapped Brennan. But was he a murderer? It looked like it -- even to him -- but there was a lot more going on than the team originally thought.

Here are eight times someone was wrong about what was going on in the season 12 premiere.

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The Team Initially Thought Zack Took Brennan out of the Jeffersonian

Bones 1201 basement.jpgBut there was no footage of them leaving, leading to the realization that they were still somewhere in the building. Hodgins used Brennan's hand lotion to track her movements to the elevator, and Booth knew where Zack had taken her: the basement.

Booth Thought Zack Was Going to Use the Syringe in His Hand on Brennan

But he was going to use it on himself. It contained sodium thiopental, truth serum. "I need Dr. Brennan to believe me," Zack explained. "I didn't kill anyone."

As Brennan later pointed out, he could have killed her at any time, but he didn't. "Why didn't he?" she asked to counter Booth's argument that Zack wanted to kill her.  

They Thought Zack's Scar on His Forehead Was from a Procedure

His doctor explained that Sweets was visiting Zack almost every week and when Sweets was killed, Zack had trouble processing. He threw himself into a fit of rage and self-injured. He'd been different ever since.

Hodgins Thought Zack Was Going to Help Him Walk Again

Bones 1201 Hodgins.jpgZack had set up a dummy email account and was the one who developed the protocol Hodgins was following. However, when Hodgins told him it worked and he had feeling again in his legs, Zack told him he shouldn't be thanking him. Ultimately, the treatment was unlikely to work, he explained. He only had a less than one percent chance he'd regain mobility. He was just trying to give him hope.

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Karen Wanted to Confront Zack with What He'd Done in Hopes His Other Personality Presented Itself

She thought the trauma to his head could have brought on multiple personality disorder. But even after Zack and Brennan came to the conclusion that he was guilty (even though he didn't remember committing the crimes), Booth's gut told him he wasn't.

Booth Was Suspicious of Why Karen Left Kansas City

Her supervisor told Aubrey that he "legally" couldn't comment on it. When Karen followed Brennan back to the lab and Brennan said the killer would insert him/herself into the case, Karen revealed her married boss kept hitting on her (incessantly), so she hit him back (incessantly).

The Team Thought the Lower Half of the Body of the Last Victim They Found Was Missing

But Brennan realized it was still attached to a living person: he was a conjoined twin. Karen said it fit; after being separated from his other half, the killer adopted his dead twin's personality.

Zack was innocent; he didn't have any scars other than the one on his head. The killer was his doctor, and Booth arrived in time to save Zack from him.

Zack Had Thought He Would Have Killed the Lobbyist If Instructed

Bones 1201 innocence.jpgHowever, when he had the chance to kill the man trying to kill him, he couldn't do it. He learned he wasn't capable of killing, even to save himself. Booth believed him.

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