6 Steps to Accepting That There Will Never Be Another New Episode of 'Bones'
6 Steps to Accepting That There Will Never Be Another New Episode of 'Bones'
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Bones is officially over. You knew this was coming and you've probably even read interviews of the cast and crew bidding farewell to the viewers and the show but no matter how hard you mentally prepared for the end of Bones, it's still hard to accept that there will never be a new episode of the FOX procedural drama. The good news is you're not alone and we've come up with a coping plan to make your mourning a little less difficult.

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Stage 1: Deny

The end of Bones may seem like a trivial thing but it certainly sucks if you're a die-hard fan. You may think you're not that affected and may even find yourself pretending the show hasn't ended, as denial is most likely the first thing you go through in the stages of TV grief.


Stage 2: Get Angry

Once it sinks in that you're never going to see Bones again, you're left with frustration and feelings of resentment. You might even try to find flaws in how the TV series ended just because a series finale is never as satisfying as you want it to be. But you're not really mad at Bones, you're just heartbroken the show left you.


Stage 3: Cry

Shed some tears if that's what it takes to make you feel a little better because it's OK to mourn the show you loved for more than a decade. If you need to let your emotions run wild, watch "The Conspiracy in the Corpse" or "The Secret in the Siege." You can even check out this list for suggestions of episodes that will surely make you cry.


Stage 4: Go Online and Make Friends with Other Fans

Misery loves company and going online to seek other fans might just be what you need to help you cope with the loss of Bones. Whether you're venting about your frustrations about the show or just looking for other fans who share the same opinions, this is the place to go.


Stage 5: Watch the Entire Series Again and Seek Closure

Everyone has their own way of ending ties with their favorite TV show. While some people are lucky enough to go cold turkey, others need more time to get closure. Binge-watching the entire series could give you a chance to see the show from a different perspective (and without the long wait between seasons.) You can even host your own Bones marathon farewell party for fans who are also having a hard time moving on and play this Bones drinking game.


Stage 6: Accept Reality and Find Another Show

This may take weeks, months or even years but you will eventually come to terms with your emotions and move on. Though there will never be another show like Bones, the reality is it's only a matter of time before you find a new TV show to obsess over. Here are four TV shows that you just might enjoy!


How are you dealing with the loss of Bones? Can you relate to our struggle? What TV show are you watching right now?

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