'The Biggest Loser' Recap: Temptations and Singles
'The Biggest Loser' Recap: Temptations and Singles
Chrissa Hardy
Chrissa Hardy
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The theme of this week is "tough love" and it begins with everyone going to singles. This is an exciting time for some, and a stressful time for others. Each contestant has to put in the work because they can only depend on their own weight loss to keep them safe. 

Sweet Temptations

Hooray, temptation! I love seeing everyone panic the moment they are inches away from junk food. In time for Valentine's Day, each contestant is stationed in front of a table of desserts. The person who consumes the most calories will receive a 2-lb advantage at the weigh in for themselves and a 2-lb advantage to give to someone else. An additional twist to this, is that it turns into a "blind temptation". The lights go out and only Alison can see who chows down, using her night vision goggles. 

As soon as the lights are off, Francelina and Alex start wolfing this food down. Alex has had trouble on the scale, so she thinks that taking in extreme amounts of sugar will be the key to her weigh-in win. Uh, what?! And then there's Danni. Danni knows that Jillian will flip if she participates, so instead, she gets down on the ground and starts doing crunches. What a freaking rockstar. Francelina wins the temptation and gives the extra advantage to the other person that took in over 1,000 calories, which is Alex. 

Check in With the Kiddos

Jillian sets up a Bollywood class in Sunny's neighborhood for her to try. She's super excited and has been wanting to try it, but has been too afraid to put herself out there. Biingo is feeling much better and is closer to getting his boot off. Bob wants to get him ready for the upcoming baseball try-outs the moment he is able to practice. Dolvett has arranged for Lindsay to become an honorary member of the cheerleading team to help her practice. 

Sugar Backlash

The contestants face the trainers after the temptation and, as expected, they are not happy that anyone participated. Dolvett decides to take Michael and Gina to train. Jillian wants to punish Francelina and Alex for eating, so she takes them. She also takes Jeff, whom she has had trouble with in the past. Bob takes Danni, Jackson and Joe. Everyone is with a new trainer and out of their comfort zone. Michael gets broken down a bit by Dolvett, but is able to push himself farther than ever before. Jeff gets pushed by Jillian to his breaking point, but keeps his wall up and continues to battle verbally instead of pushing through it physically. 

Jillian meets with him later  to see if a softer approach will work. He reveals that his father died from lung cancer when he was a teenager and he just stuffed all of his emotions down into himself. Clearly this is what has been (quite literally) weighing on him and causing him to over-eat. He feels better after speaking with her and is optimistic about his emotional health going forward. 

The Challenge

The winner of the challenge gets to bring a family member to the ranch for 24 hours and give the same prize to another contestant. The rules of the game are simple. They are inside the Honda Center and are down on main floor. A spotlight will appear somewhere in the arena and everyone needs to run to the spotlight. Last one there is eliminated and they will do this until one person remains. I'm not even sure what you call this. Musical spotlight? After multiple rounds, Danni wins. She gives her winning prize to Michael, since he was so hoping to win and see his wife and kid, and the additional prize goes to Gina, so she can see her husband. Danni is not only a champ on the scale and in every challenge, but also as a human being.

Last Chance Workout

Everyone trains together with all three trainers for this last chance workout. Immediately, it's obvious that Alex is half-assing it. She even says that she has a little extra confidence with the 2-lb advantage and doesn't want to "overwork" her body. She starts giving Bob attitude and completely disrespects him. Dolvett and Gina exchange words when she starts letting fear get the best of her, but he talks her down and gets her motivated again. 

The Weigh In

It's the first weigh in as individuals and everyone is tense. Francelina is up first and loses 4 lbs. Alex is up next and loses 6 lbs. Both have their 2-lb advantages, so the percentages go up a tad. Danni loses 6 lbs. Joe loses 12 lbs. Jeff loses 11 lbs. Gina loses 9 lbs. Jackson loses 13 lbs. Michael is up last and needs to lose 11 lbs to be safe. He loses 10 lbs. He falls below with Francelina and the two of them face elimination. The contestants place their votes and send Michael home. He was a big threat to everyone and that's why they voted him off. 

The Check in

Michael is back at home and has lost over 100 lbs!! He looks like a new guy. He goes to the gym regularly with his family and is enjoying his new life. GO MICHAEL!

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