'Bob's Burgers' Season 2 Preview Guide: Still Nowhere Near A Billion Burgers Served (But They're Trying)
'Bob's Burgers' Season 2 Preview Guide: Still Nowhere Near A Billion Burgers Served (But They're Trying)
On the previous season of Bob's Burgers, the Belchers did everything they can to save the restaurant -- fight off health inspectors, stage dinner theater, impress their landlord, and even take care of a cow who wants to become a burger in the first place. (Or something like that.) In between, Louise tries voodoo, Gene becomes a full-fledged musician (sort of), Tina learns capoeira and Linda dabbles in the hospitality business. And all Bob wants is to sell burgers.
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What to Expect in Bob's Burgers Season 2

Bob's Burgers proved to be a refreshing spot on Fox's animated Sunday line-up -- it's madcap, it's surreal, and it flutters from place to place, you just get shocked sometimes. With its second season getting nine extra episodes. Bob's Burgers season 2 promised to show more of the chaos (if you could call it that) from the Belchers.

Bob's Burgers season 2 premieres this March with an episode entitled "Bob Day Afternoon", which sees Bob's delivering food to police looking into a bank robbery. That ends with Bob getting tangled up (literally) with one of the robbers themselves. Later episodes of Bob's Burgers season 2 will revolve around taffy factories, food trucks and synchronized swimming. Must be another one of Tina's plans.

Guest voices familiar and new will also appear on Bob's Burgers: Kevin Kline returns as their "one white cat away from a supervillain" landlord Mr. Fischoeder, while Sarah and Laura Silverman are back as Jimmy Pesto's inseparable "freak" twins Ollie and Andy. Also, Megan Mullaly debuts on the show as Tabitha Johnson, a singer whose songs are green-minded -- and I mean both her love for her body parts and the environment.

Bob's Burgers season 2 returns to Fox on March 11 from 8:30pm on Fox.

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