Blair Redford Talks Love Triangle on 'The Lying Game'
Blair Redford Talks Love Triangle on 'The Lying Game'
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ABC's The Lying Game is more than just a soapy teen drama about twins being separated at birth. The series offers a huge dose of mystery, suspense and intrigue, and based on the episodes that aired so far, it looks like the show has no shortage when it comes to secrets and lies. Caught in the center of all the drama is Ethan Whitehorse, the so-called "bad boy" who is dating Sutton and now serves as Emma's confidant. So what can we expect from Ethan this season? Plenty, according to his portrayer Blair Redford, who talks about a possible love triangle on the show and his plans for the future in a recent conference call.

Warning: The rest of this article may contain spoilers. 

What do you think it is about The Lying Game that is going to attract viewers to it?

B. Redford: In my opinion, I think it's going to be the cliffhangers they leave every week. I think if a person can just be sold on watching one episode then they are going to get hooked from there. Every week when they turn in new scripts to us to look over, I'm just really pleased and blown away at how strong the cliffhangers are, and it makes you want to see the next script immediately.

What can we expect from your character as the story unfolds?

B. Redford: I think the main thing that you'll get to experience with Ethan, the most interesting part of his story is that he's obviously in this relationship with Sutton, which is more of a secret relationship, and then when Emma comes along it's a very peculiar situation. It's like when a guy gets a duplicate of his current girlfriend and she's everything she is and maybe a little more, so it's sort of this fantastic idea. We've all got problems with our girlfriends, and what if there was a twin out there of her, a clone, that was slightly better? And so you'll see him struggle with that, because he has an allegiance to Sutton, in a way, but then he starts building feelings for Emma, too. I think it was a fun thing to act, and I think it will be a fun thing to watch.

What is it about Ethan that allows Emma to continue to her charade as Sutton?

B. Reford: Well, I think he definitely feels so close to Sutton, first of all, and so I think the main reason he goes into this is he wants to help Sutton out, which is kind of like his girlfriend, even though it's his secret girlfriend. I think he cares deeply for her right now, and with her twin sister Emma telling him the plan, I think he's on board to help them reach their goal of solving this mystery of their birth and the separation and their mother. But then I also think immediately he feels a strong connection to Emma, and so whether he wants to admit it to himself or not, I think he's glad to be along for the ride because he's enjoying this time he gets with Emma.

Can you talk about Ethan's relationship with his father?

B. Redford: Yes, sure. The short answer is it hasn't been established yet. He lives with his brother who is played by Tyler Christopher, and I'm not quite sure if they've made any concrete decisions on the parents of both Ethan and Tyler who plays my brother on the show. His name is Dan, Dan Whitehorse. So, I think that will come up in the future. I'm not sure when they're going to want to bring that info in. But, right now, I don't know anything about the parents.

Are you more like the character you play in real life, or is he different from you?

B. Redford: Yes, there are some similarities that I guess are already there, that were written I suppose. It's kind of a difficult question to always answer because I kind of try to merge myself and put myself in the character's shoes as much as I can, so we're already going to have some similarities. I'd say just off the page Ethan has a really strong sense to protect his friends, protect those that he's close to and his loved ones. I think I do that as well in life. I'm really quick to stand up for people that are in my circle. I think that's a big part of Ethan's makeup.

Will we see some sort of triangle between Sutton, Emma, and Ethan if Sutton comes back?

B. Redford: Absolutely. Yes, Ethan and Sutton are still together, that's his girl. He's worked himself into an interesting situation with these two.

What would you say is next for Blair Redford? Where do you want to go from here?

B. Redford: Well, we're so early on in the launch of The Lying Game, I think it's hard to say, strategically, what I'm going to try to do next, because I don't know what my schedule is. I'm really hoping we do well with this show, and if that's the case, I'll be busy through the majority of the year and other seasons with this. That's what I'm hoping for, for now. I really like this character and I like this show, I like the writing, I like where they're going with it. So, beyond that, I'd love to find a nice film to do during my hiatus, whether it's between this and our pick-up or a backorder or if it's between first and second season. I'd love to find a nice film to do in that spare time.

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