Is the Partnership Between Jefferson and Gambi over on 'Black Lightning'?
Is the Partnership Between Jefferson and Gambi over on 'Black Lightning'?
Derek Stauffer
Derek Stauffer
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The Black Lightning episode "The Book of Revelations" truly lived up to its name. Jennifer finally manifested her powers (and immediately told someone.) Even more layers were added to the Lala mystery and his resurrection. Most importantly though, thanks in large part to Lynn, all of Gambi's secrets came tumbling out. These secrets convinced Jefferson that one of his closest allies could no longer be trusted. Jefferson and Gambi's partnership has been called off but it's unclear how long the "break-up" will last.

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Black Lightning made the smart move to put all Gambi's cards on the table early. (The show could've easily dragged out the mystery of Gambi's motivations and backstory for the entire first season.) Jefferson is totally justified in feeling betrayed by Gambi. Gambi has, as expected, been lying to Jefferson the entire time he's known him and Gambi is, indirectly and unintentionally, behind the death of Jefferson's father. Fans might just be meeting all these characters but the length and severity of Gambi's lies should have some lasting impact. 

It would be very lame if Jefferson and Gambi's feud lasts only a couple episode. If Gambi finds a way back onto Team Lightning, through persuading Anissa, which is what the trailer for "The Book of Little Black Lies" makes it looks like, that's just going to feel lazy. James Remar is obviously not going anywhere on the show. However, there should be a little bit of separation between Black Lightning and his former mentor based on all that has happened. 

Unlike other heroes on The CW, Jefferson doesn't need his father figure sticking around and holding his hand through his superhero adventures. Gambi might give Jefferson some on-the-ground tips and information but Jefferson can more than handle himself in the field, especially now that he has powered back-up with Anissa and Jennifer. It'd be interesting to let Jefferson fly (mostly) solo for the remainder of season 1. 

Black Lightning is obviously setting up all-out manhunt for Jefferson in season 1, with the ASA and Tobias Whale going after him. The tension for the story would be even higher if Gambi was removed from the equation, even if it's by Jefferson's choice. 

Furthermore, now that Black Lightning doesn't have to be so cloak-and-dagger about Gambi's intentions or story, it'll be worth it to see him on his own. Black Lightning has never really shied away from giving Gambi his own scenes and things to do but they were always shrouded in this distracting mystery. It was never clear what Gambi wanted in those scenes or how the audience should feel about him. 

Now that fans know a lot more about Gambi it's easier to invest in his secret, silent and murderous rampage across Freeland. The best way to fully explore that story would be having Gami cut ties with Jefferson for the foreseeable future. Maybe Black Lightning can even get Gambi involved with the Lala / LaWanda story before it starts intersecting with Jefferson's mission. Ultimately, there's a lot more to be gained by keeping Gambi and Jefferson apart, even if it's just a trial separation. 

But do you agree? How long should Jefferson and Gambi stay apart on Black Lightning? How long will it take Jefferson to forgive Gambi? How long should it? 

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